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10 Best Probiotic Foods and How They Affect Your Gut Health

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According to research our intestine health is necessary for our general well-being. The intestine is our gastrointestinal tract which is made up of a complete host of microbes that retains our physique and mind functioning in an optimum method. The intestine microbes decide the way in which we retailer fats, how our physique balances ranges of glucose within the blood, and how we reply to sure hormones that decide whether or not you are feeling hungry or satiated.

Researchers have additionally found {that a} nervous system in our intestine termed as our “second brain” communicates with the mind in our head. It additionally performs a task in controlling sure illnesses and in sustaining psychological health.

Probiotics are reside micro organism and yeasts. These reside micro organism are helpful for the digestive system. These should not germs that trigger illnesses. Our physique comprises micro organism, each good and dangerous.  Probiotics are “good” micro organism which might be useful to maintain our intestine healthy. There are a number of probiotic meals obtainable in India.

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Prebiotics are present in sure fruits, greens, and entire grains, fermented meals and within the type of dietary supplements too. The most necessary supply of prebiotic is fibre.

Here is a listing of 10 greatest probiotic meals that hold our intestine healthy

1] Pickles: Uniquely Sour Vegetables

Pickles which might be created from greens like cucumber comprise quantity of antioxidants, good micro organism and probiotics. However, not all pickled meals undergo fermentation or comprise good micro organism.


It is beneficial to purchase pickles of contemporary varieties which might be bought in shops and not those which might be bought in shelf-stable bottles. The contemporary varieties have larger nutrient content material in them.

2] Broccoli

Broccoli and different greens within the cruciferous household are within the record of probiotic food in India as they’re wealthy in fibre. So it’s endorsed that you just embody cruciferous greens like cauliflower, Kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage commonly to your weight loss program. You could eat the greens in several types like stir-fried, roasted, steamed or uncooked with salads.

3] Asparagus

Rich in prebiotics, Asparagus is inexperienced stalks which might be scrumptious and healthy. This is as a result of Asparagus is wealthy in inulin. It may also help promote bowel regularity and lower bloating.


You can have asparagus steamed, sautéed, roasted, or uncooked in salads. You may add evenly steamed and chopped asparagus to Quinoa or brown rice and have it as a full meal.

4] Radish

Radish is superb food for intestine health. It is wealthy in fibre and comprises a particular compound referred to as RsPHGPx which helps clear our abdomen and liver with its detoxifying properties.

You could eat radish in a number of methods equivalent to soups, chutneys, stuffed parathas, curry, dry vegetable, and additionally by including it to salads and raitas.


5] Flaxseed

It is rightly referred to as a ‘powerhouse’ seed as a result of it comprises a really excessive quantity of a sort of antioxidant referred to as Lignans. Lignans comprise the best quantity of anti-cancer properties amongst all different meals used for human consumption.


Flaxseed comprises soluble fibre. These fibre drastically enhance digestive regularity. You can add floor flaxseed to your smoothies or salads. However, you need to select freshly floor flaxseed as a result of entire flax seeds are onerous to digest.

6] Banana

Bananas are heavy in potassium and magnesium. Due to its wealthy content material in potassium and magnesium, it aids towards irritation.


According to research, bananas assist cut back bloating. It may help weight loss weight as a result of it tends to make really feel full simply and due to this fact controls our urge for food. Bananas are one of the crucial simply obtainable probiotic food in India. It is an efficient choice to eat it as a mid-day snack as an alternative of eating unhealthy junk food.

7] Apple


Like Bananas you may eat apples as a snack and it’s an simply obtainable probiotic food. Stewed apples are significantly helpful in your microbiome, as they’ve therapeutic properties for the intestine.

8] Garlic

Garlic used for the aim of including flavours to food is extraordinarily helpful for the intestine.

9] Kimchi

Kimchi is fermented cabbage. It is made utilizing a number of totally different spices and elements. Common elements embody salt, chilli powder, onion, garlic, and ginger.


It is usually made with a fish inventory base, but it surely’s straightforward to discover a plant-based model is extra frequent and available in shops.

10] Yoghurt

It is the commonest and common probiotic food. Yoghurt is created from the milk of grass-fed animals and which hasn’t been pasteurized.


For one of the best outcomes be sure you get yoghurts with the next options:

  • It is made out of goat’s or sheep’s milk
  • The animals are grass-fed
  • The milk is natural

Q. What precisely is the distinction between probiotic and prebiotic?

Probiotics are reside helpful micro organism which might be naturally created by the method of fermentation in sure meals like yoghurt, kimchi, broccoli and many others. Probiotic dietary supplements can be found in capsule type. It can be discovered as a further ingredient in merchandise like yoghurt and health drinks.

Prebiotics are that a part of sure meals which might be non-digestible. Some of those meals are onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, bananas, the pores and skin of some fruits like apples, chicory root, beans, and many others.

The fibre within the food enters the small gut in undigested type when consumed. It is fermented when it reaches the big colon. The fermentation course of offers food to the helpful micro organism colonies (this contains probiotic micro organism).

This results in a rise within the variety of fascinating micro organism in our intestine. Desirable micro organism support good health and decreased health dangers.

Though related sounding, probiotics and prebiotics have totally different roles within the digestive system (or intestine) and should not be confused to be similar.

Q. Is it beneficial to take a probiotic and prebiotic on the similar time?

Prebiotics and probiotics have to be taken commonly. In truth, each can be taken on the similar time, each day.

Q. Does probiotics assist relieve constipation?

A lot of research have established that probiotics can cut back constipation in each adults and youngsters.

Those who consumed probiotics additionally skilled much less belching, belly fullness and bloating. The essential probiotics that enhance constipation embody B. longum and S. cerevisiae.

A mixture of probiotics can be efficient. The probiotics which might be mixed embody B. animals, L. reuteri, acidophilus, L. Plantarum, L. rhamnosus and many others.

To summarise, listed below are a number of the food excessive in Probiotics record:

  • Fibre- This contains entire grains, beans and totally different sorts of legumes, entire fruits, and veggies.
  • Fermented food items- Kimchi,  Pickles, Yogurt
  • Roughage: Jerusalem artichoke, flaxseed and many others
  • Flavouring components: garlic, gum Arab and many others

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