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The Best Dried Fruit for Osteoporosis

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“We are in an epidemic of osteoporosis. There can be no doubt about that.” Ten million Americans have it, and one in three older ladies will get it. “We urgently need public health strategies to maintain bone health throughout the life cycle and to prevent osteoporosis in later life.” Might vegatables and fruits be the sudden pure reply to the query of osteoporosis prevention? My video Prunes for Osteoporosis sought to search out out.

Evidence from quite a lot of research “strongly points to a positive link between fruit and vegetable consumption and indexes of bone health,” reminiscent of bone mineral density, and the “size of the effect in the older women [is] impressive: doubling the fruit intake” is related to a 5 % increased backbone mineralization. The identical relationship exists with younger ladies, too. And, eating plenty of fruit in childhood could defend bones all through life—one thing that was not discovered for milk consumption, as I’ve explored earlier than in my video Is Milk Good For Our Bones?

Bone health isn’t nearly calcium. There are a number of key vitamins present in greens, fruits, and beans which can be related to higher bone mineral density, however does that translate into decrease hip fracture threat? The Singapore Chinese Health Study discovered {that a} “diet rich in plant-based foods, namely vegetables, fruit, and legumes such as soy, may reduce the risk of hip fracture.” But, why?

“The underlying mechanism in postmenopausal osteoporosis (PO) is an imbalance between bone resorption [disappearance] and formation,” and oxidative stress could play a task on this steadiness.

There are two varieties of bone cells: “the bone-forming osteoblasts and the bone-dismantling osteoclasts.” Osteoblasts are regularly laying down new bone, whereas osteoclasts chisel away previous bone, utilizing free radicals because the molecular chisel to chip away our bone. Too many free radicals in our system, although, could result in extreme bone breakdown. Antioxidant defenses seem “markedly decreased in osteoporotic women,” and “elderly osteoporotic women had consistently lower levels of all natural antioxidants tested than controls.”

“Because excessive [free radicals] may contribute to bone loss, it is important to elucidate the potential role antioxidant-rich fruits play in mitigating bone loss that leads to the development of osteoporosis.” The thought is that fruits up-regulate the bone constructing cells, and down-regulate the bone-eating cells, tipping the steadiness in the direction of higher bone mass. So, let’s put a fruit to the check. Which one can we decide? Dried plums had been chosen as a result of they’ve among the many highest antioxidant rating amongst generally consumed vegatables and fruits—and since the researchers acquired a grant from the California Dried Plum Board!

When you consider prunes, you consider bowels, not bones, however, over a decade in the past, researchers at Oklahoma State tried giving a dozen prunes a day to a bunch of postmenopausal ladies, utilizing a dozen dried apple rings as a management. After three months, solely the themes who consumed the prunes had important elevations in an enzyme marker of bone formation, though prunes didn’t appear to have an effect on markers of bone breakdown. So, prunes could assist extra with constructing bones than stopping bone loss. However, the reverse was discovered with almonds, so possibly a bit prune-and-almond path combine is so as. 

With this bump in bone formation indices, one may anticipate that in the event that they did an extended research, we’d really see an affect on bone mineral density. And 9 years later, simply such a research was completed: 12 months on dried plums versus apples. Both dried fruit regimens appeared to have “bone-protective effects,” although the prunes appeared to work higher within the arm bone and backbone.

So, the dried plum advertising board needs everybody to know that dried plums are “the most effective fruit in both preventing and reversing bone loss,” however solely two fruits have ever been examined: plums and apples. If this pans out for different vegetation, although, “a ‘fruit and vegetables’ approach may provide a very sensible (and natural) alternative therapy for osteoporosis treatment, one that is likely to have numerous additional health-related benefits.” All we have now to do is persuade folks to really do it.

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