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Is hummus good for weight loss?

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You would possibly know this easy and creamy dip as a Middle Eastern food staple. It’s the proper facet dish to spherical out a meal of grilled rooster kabobs and grilled veggies resembling bell pepper and onion, or a great snack centerpiece. But is hummus good for weight loss?

There’s lots of conflicting data on the market about what’s and isn’t good for weight loss. So, I went by way of phases the place I added hummus to my weight-reduction plan, after which phases the place I took it out as a result of I heard or learn someplace that it wasn’t good. 

So complicated!

The factor is, there’s lots of proof that hummus is definitely nice for weight loss! It can add slightly selection to your salad and veggie consumption and has so many components that really do examine off lots of the optimum weight loss meals necessities. 

In this publish, I’ll reply the query “is hummus good for weight loss?” together with

  • What the assorted components in hummus can do to show up the warmth on fats cells
  • How eating hummus can cut back irritation and debloat you
  • How a lot hummus to have in sooner or later for most weight loss 
  • My suggestions for healthy hummus snack concepts and what dippables to make use of

Is hummus good for weight loss?

Hummus is a chickpea-based dip that additionally has plenty of different healthy components to go with the fiber-rich legume. 

It’s made up of cooked or canned chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, tahini (which is floor sesame seeds) lemon juice, and spices resembling cumin or coriander. 

Are chickpeas good for weight loss?

Chickpeas are often known as garbanzo beans. They’re excessive in fiber, which makes getting sufficient fiber per day straightforward and scrumptious. 

In a 100 gram or 3.5 ouncesserving of chickpeas (a couple of quarter to a half a cup), you’ll get 6 grams of fiber. That’s 25% of your really helpful each day fiber purpose! (1, 2)

Chickpeas and different legumes are nicely generally known as incomes the “slow-burning carb” stamp of approval for weight loss from Tim Ferris. (3)

In truth, I personally misplaced 40 kilos of fats by eating gradual carbs as my carb supply. So, I can attest to their wonders for weight loss!

Find out what occurs if you eat healthy on this publish

Here are some explanation why. Legumes like chickpeas include insoluble fiber that bulks up within the digestive tract and cleans all the things out, together with your colon. (4)

It additionally feeds healthy intestine micro organism, which results in a more healthy weight and immune system. (5)

They’re additionally a robust supply of plant-based protein (9.6g per 100 gram or 3.5 ouncesserving) (6) and anti inflammatory. (7)

What is hummus?

To reply the query, “Is hummus good for weight loss?” we now have to have a look at what hummus is fabricated from. 

The important components are chickpeas and olive oil. Olive oil is stuffed with monounsaturated fat, which increase good ldl cholesterol. It’s additionally discovered to be as extremely anti-inflammatory as some anti-inflammatory meds. (8)

Tahini is one other important hummus ingredient, which is anti-inflammatory. In truth, the anti-inflammatory compounds in tahini cut back particular inflammatory markers which are excessive in arthritic sufferers. (9)

Garlic is one other staple hummus add-in. Read extra in regards to the confirmed health advantages of garlic for fewer sick days and a healthy weight right here. 

Lastly, lemon juice, cumin and/or coriander are added for slightly further zing and taste enhance. Both cumin seeds for weight loss and coriander burn fats and aid you to debloat. Lemon is one other of nature’s debloating wonders. 

Cumin actually differentiates the flavour of hummus and makes it pop. When you convey hummus with cumin to a potluck or BBQ, folks will LOVE it. They’ll scoop one other spoonful onto their plate and ask, “Who made this?!”

Nutrition details: 

A 100-gram (3.5-ounces) or ½ cup of hummus = 166 energy, 7.9g protein, 9.6g fats, 14.3g carbs, fiber 6g (10)

Remember when assessing is hummus good for weight loss, these carbs are advanced carbs, and break down slowly. Also, the fiber content material balances out the carb content material to advertise weight loss. 

You can get pleasure from about ½ cup per day that can assist you lose weight. (11)

Ways to eat extra hummus for weight loss

  • Use hummus as a dip for veggies resembling pink pepper slices, cucumber, inexperienced beans, or carrots. 
I don’t suggest carrots for people who find themselves being very strict and attempting to lose these previous few kilos. Read extra about why on this publish: Are carrots good for weight loss? 

However, if you happen to’re simply attempting to vary habits and discover more healthy alternate options, carrots ARE a good approach to be more healthy than earlier than (like if you ate the empty carbs of chips and ranch dip). 

Hummus and veggies (even carrots) are a good different to chips and dip or guacamole. Have it as a day snack or convey it with you as an appetizer to occasions so that you be sure you have one thing healthy to eat that others get pleasure from additionally.

  • Use hummus as your salad dressing

Traditional salad dressings are often filled with sugars and further energy that mainly undo the good of eating a salad. Is hummus good for weight loss? Yes! It even offers you further factors right here, somewhat than taking away from them.

  • Have as a facet to dip grilled or baked meat and veggies

This can remodel a good meal into an ideal one! I significantly wish to have hummus for my leftover meats and veggies as lunch the subsequent day. It actually clothes up leftovers. 

Try this tasty hummus recipe from Inspired Taste!

Easy hummus recipe (Extra easy & creamy)

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Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 minutes
Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 minutes
Easy hummus recipe (Extra easy & creamy)

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Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 minutes
Servings Prep Time
6 servings 10 minutes


Servings: servings



  1. In the bowl of a food processor, mix the tahini and lemon juice and course of for 1 minute, scrape the edges and backside of the bowl then course of for 30 seconds extra. This further time helps “whip” or “cream” the tahini, making the hummus easy and creamy.

  2. Add the olive oil, minced garlic, cumin, and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the whipped tahini and lemon juice. Process for 30 seconds, scrape the edges and backside of the bowl then course of one other 30 seconds or till nicely blended. Open, drain, and rinse the chickpeas. Add half of the chickpeas to the food processor and course of for 1 minute. Scrape sides and backside of the bowl, then add remaining chickpeas and course of till thick and fairly easy; 1 to 2 minutes.

  3. Most seemingly the hummus can be too thick or nonetheless have tiny bits of chickpea. To repair this, with the food processor turned on, slowly add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water till you attain the proper consistency.

  4. Taste for salt and modify as wanted. Serve hummus with a drizzle of olive oil and sprint of paprika. Store do-it-yourself hummus in an hermetic container and refrigerate as much as one week.

3 Reasons so as to add cumin not simply to your hummus, however to your each day weight-reduction plan + 5 concepts for tips on how to get extra on this FREE Cumin Cheat Sheet.

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