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How to follow a low sugar weight-loss diet

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We all know that highly effective feeling of temptation. It’s come over me after I’m out to dinner with associates at a good restaurant in New York City. It’s descended on me all of a sudden after I was in the midst of a annoying day at work. And it’s even crept in and brought over my mind after I was enjoyable quietly at dwelling within the night. 

“Taking over my brain” might be among the best methods to describe it as a result of that’s how sugar cravings can really feel. It’s been so distracting that I virtually couldn’t pay attention to my buddy telling a hilarious story as a result of I used to be fascinated with how to get a maintain of the dessert menu. It was a couple of individuals down from me. I noticed the fudge brownie a la mode after I glanced at it earlier. 

At work, I might be head-down fixing a downside, attempting to full a mission in time. Before I knew it, I used to be wandering out to the kitchen. My eyes had been scanning the house for one thing candy, whereas my thoughts was nonetheless going over the mission particulars that weren’t including up or coming collectively. 

Suddenly I spotted what was happening. I used to be absent-mindedly in search of one thing to eat so I might deal with the stress that was welling up in my physique. 

This occurs on a regular basis! Sometimes we notice it, typically we don’t. Either method, it’s by no means straightforward to battle the will for one thing candy, sugary, and satisfying to soothe and luxury ourselves. 

Although stress could cause it, wanting one thing sugary used to come over me a lot at evening, too. This was a time after I ought to have been kicking my toes up and having fun with a good ebook after placing my children to mattress. 

Again, my thoughts stored wandering to the peanut butter chocolate ice cream I “hid” from myself behind the freezer. I wasn’t burdened,. I wasn’t out at a fancy dinner the place the additional energy can be “worth it”. Still, I wished that candy creaminess so unhealthy!

When I gave in, I might soften into the feeling of the sweetness that lit up the pleasure facilities of my mind.  





Until the guilt started to kick in. I knew that the additional sugar would sit in my physique and create extra fats after I was attempting to lose weight. I additionally knew that sugar wouldn’t simply work in opposition to my bikini targets, it was downright unhealthy for me. 

Too a lot sugar impacts your pores and skin, your coronary heart, your blood sugar ranges and extra. I sort of knew this, however I managed to push that information beneath my consciousness till after I had demolished a large bowl of drippy, dreamy dessert. 

Then the guilt would rush again in. Why was this so exhausting for me? Why didn’t I’ve the willpower to battle the will for sugar? 

I made a decision I had to determine a low-sugar weight loss diet that may really WORK for me. I knew some individuals who did it, they usually regarded and appeared to really feel wonderful. 

For me, I knew that feeling disadvantaged was NEVER going to work for me. I might finally give in. So I discovered a low sugar weight loss diet whereas exploring new meals to hit these sugar cravings and make me really feel empowered by food, somewhat than managed by it. 

In this mega-post, I’m going to share this low sugar weight loss diet with you, together with

  • Symptoms you’re feeling when eating sugar (chances are you’ll suppose it’s regular to really feel this fashion. . .nevertheless it’s not!)
  • Why a low sugar diet is so highly effective for weight-loss and general health
  • Challenges of fixing to a lower-sugar diet
  • The results of sugar on the mind
  • Surprising meals which have sugar, and what to change them with
  • How to use spices as a substitute of sugar to fulfill your candy tooth and calm irritation
  • A how-to go low-sugar framework (actual meals to eat and the way to mix them to really feel full and glad)

Let’s dive in!

How an excessive amount of sugar impacts your physique and life

You really feel such as you’re on the weight achieve freight train

Of course, everyone knows that eating reasonable or excessive quantities of sugar can spell unhealthy information within the dressing room. I used to dread having to purchase new garments as a result of I hated the sizes I had to purchase, and I hated the best way they regarded and felt on my physique much more! 

Especially after I was turning a blind eye to how a lot sugar I used to be eating and the sizes I wanted stored going up. This was such a horrible feeling of powerlessness. 

It exhibits the obvious purpose why eating an excessive amount of sugar might be so exhausting on our our bodies – weight achieve. 

Excess sugar that isn’t burned up will get saved as fats. Our our bodies don’t like having an excessive amount of further fats on them. It’s extra of a burden on every part from our joints to our immune methods and our vanity. 

Some different signs from eating reasonable to excessive quantities of sugar are sneakier and sometimes neglected.

You’re seeing accelerated getting older and different pores and skin issues

Noticing extra wrinkles approaching quicker than regular? This could possibly be occurring as a result of extra sugar really damages the elasticity of your pores and skin! 

It may trigger an imbalance in your hormones and trigger you to get away with zits in your jawline. Because sugar is so inflammatory, it will probably additionally trigger inflammatory pores and skin flare-ups corresponding to eczema.  (1) (2)

Cayenne pepper can really assist with pores and skin issues by boosting nutritional vitamins A and E, and might even be used topically for power circumstances like psoriasis. 

Read extra right here: Cayenne pepper advantages: coronary heart health, weight loss, ache aid, and so on.

You really feel “in a fog” or low vitality a lot

Sugar triggers a response from the pancreas to produce insulin so as to hold the physique’s blood sugar ranges in stability. 

The extra sugar we eat, the more durable the physique has to work to preserve that stability. When we overload it, we first expertise a sugar rush or burst of vitality after which a dip beneath regular. (3)

When this goes on too constantly, we are going to start to really feel “out of it” as a rule. It might additionally lead to critical health issues like insulin resistance and finally diabetes. (4)

You have bloating and gasoline

Noticing that your stomach expands greater than regular after eating? Or perhaps you simply really feel bloating, ache, and gassy greater than standard. These could possibly be signs that the micro organism in your intestine that craves sugar is having fun with a feast method too usually. 

Reducing your sugar consumption and eating veggies and probiotic meals as a substitute will give the “good bacteria” in your intestine gas to thrive and stomp out the unhealthy micro organism which are making you’re feeling like an uncomfortable balloon. (5)

Ginger is a nice digestion easer. Learn extra and get a spicy, satisfying ginger tea recipe in Benefits of Ginger Tea For Weight Loss, Inflammation & Memory.

You’re getting sick a lot

Too a lot sugar suppresses your immune system. This means you gained’t simply really feel a little further drained or gassy, you’ll really be extra inclined to colds and the flu. (6)

Gut micro organism comes into play right here as a result of an excessive amount of sugar feeds the unhealthy micro organism and yeast in your intestine, which makes your immune system much less efficient. 

An superior anti-sickness spice I like is garlic and. You can learn extra about the way it helps on this submit – The confirmed health advantages of garlic for fewer sick days and a healthy weight. 

You get intense sugar cravings

If you do, you’re in all probability on a high-sugar cycle. Eating extra sugar additionally releases dopamine within the mind. Dopamine is the reward chemical, and everybody likes to be rewarded. (7)

Every time you give into excessive sugar meals, it feeds the cycle to make you crave extra once more quickly. The extra sugar you eat, the extra intense these cravings might be. (8)

Your tastebuds additionally get used to sugary meals and, like a drug addict, you want increasingly candy stuff to expertise the excessive. The excellent news? You can cease sugar cravings (even whenever you’re burdened!). 

Download your personal report, “How to follow a low-sugar weight loss diet” together with  in a PDF file, together with: 

  • Surprising meals which have sugar
  • What to change them with
  • How to go low-sugar framework

Why is lowering sugar consumption so exhausting?

You might need already identified a few of these downsides to sugar. It’s not like we haven’t been knowledgeable about sugar being unhealthy for us. We simply won’t have identified HOW unhealthy. 

Even after we know concerning the methods sugar impacts our our bodies, it’s nonetheless so exhausting to say no after we’re confronted with a dish of luxurious chocolate truffles. 

You in all probability need to reduce on sugar, however all of us face so many challenges to make this occur. First of all, sugar is completely in every single place. It’s in virtually each comfort food you possibly can consider, it’s in colourful little packages at each nook retailer, and it’s sneaked into most dishes to make them style extra addictive. 

It might be exhausting to reduce on sugar when you could have children as a result of there are such a lot of child snacks filled with sugar tempting you on a regular basis. 

Cutting again on sugar might be exhausting in numerous social conditions too. It might be straightforward to really feel remoted or such as you’re lacking out when everybody else round you is ingesting sugary cocktails and indulging in candy hors d’oeuvres. 

BUT I’ve some methods for the way to follow a low-sugar diet by making low-sugar eating tastier and for sticking to it SO a lot simpler. I’m so excited to share what’s labored for me with you!

Why a low sugar diet is so highly effective for weight-loss and general health

Eating low sugar is like getting to start fully over and luxuriate in life in a method you haven’t been. It’s wonderful what a massive distinction such a small change could make in your health, vitality ranges, and the best way you feel and look. 

Look at these earlier than and after footage of me and a few of my purchasers. You can see how a lot happier we’re and the way significantly better we glance!

Before: when I used Splenda
We all underwent this alteration WHILE dwelling our lives. No deprivation, no feeling omitted. Read how to lose weight on trip (and nonetheless indulge) to discover out extra about how one can, too!

A low sugar diet is anti-inflammatory. Low irritation is without doubt one of the primary methods to assist your physique loosen up and let go of additional fats and fluid retention. 

Did you recognize that sugar can have an effect on your mind?

One of probably the most highly effective methods following a low sugar diet transforms your life is by setting your mind freed from the results of sugar. When you cut back your sugar consumption, you’re able to suppose extra clearly and carry out higher at work and with duties of focus. 

Your mind on sugar: how sugar impacts focus

Sugar reduces our means to talk successfully by forming free radicals within the membranes of the mind. This compromises our nerves cells used for focus and communication. 

It additionally interrupts our focus as a result of sugar is extremely addictive. It impacts your mind by releasing the reward chemical dopamine each time you indulge. This is on the identical stage as an addict ingesting alcohol or taking medicine. 

The considered getting one other satisfying hit can dominate your ideas and hold you from having the ability to deal with the duty at hand. 

How sugar impacts your feelings

Since sugar is so highly effective, it will probably even exaggerate temper fluctuations. When you’re feeling low, a sugar craving and feeling disadvantaged could make it extra intense. (9)

Giving into a sugar craving would possibly make you’re feeling that prime for a quick time, however then the blood sugar and temper come crashing down much more powerfully than earlier than.

Riding this curler coaster can lead to feeling irritated and shorter tempered than regular. Of course, this makes being productive tougher. Or you would possibly end up snapping on the folks round you, inflicting rifts in your relationships which solely makes you’re feeling worse.

How sugar impacts your reminiscence

If you already really feel like reminiscence is a weak spot for you, it’s positively a good concept to lay off the sugar. Too a lot sugar can block receptors for reminiscence!

Studies present that extra sugar can imply making connections between ideas or remembering a dialog tougher.  (10)

Grab the low-sugar report you could save, obtain, and refer to anytime to know the meals to eat and to keep away from and the way to mix them.

What a low-sugar diet means (and what it doesn’t imply!) 

Eating a low sugar diet means specializing in eating largely complete meals consisting of veggies, healthy protein and healthy carbs in a good stability. I’ll break down the precise parts for the way to break up your plate beneath. 

Eating low sugar doesn’t imply shopping for “healthier” packaged meals or “low-sugar” comfort meals. Most of the time, low-fat meals even have MORE sugar than regular, and low-sugar packaged meals are simply stuffed with synthetic sweeteners that really make you hungrier and trigger extra weight achieve. 

low sugar weight-loss diet
Read extra about synthetic sweeteners right here: Sugar or Artificial Sweetener in Tea: Is Splenda unhealthy for weight loss?

Women shouldn’t eat greater than 25g of sugar a day, and ideally these sugars ought to come from pure sources in fruits, veggies, and healthy starches. (11)

What are the perfect meals for a low-sugar diet?

Surprising meals which have sugar in them 

Here’s a record of meals that may shock you of their sugar content material and straightforward food swaps to change them with!

  • Salad dressing – Can have up to a tablespoon of sugar per serving measurement! (12) Food producers add sugar to make dressing extra interesting, nevertheless it sort of undoes the great of eating a salad! Most of us are a little further beneficiant with our drizzle, too. So it could possibly be much more. 
low sugar weight-loss diet
  • Replace with 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar with a contact of olive oil – This is a excellent low-sugar substitution that can make your salad extra satisfying. Add black pepper and a little sea salt for much more taste and get filling healthy fat by including nuts, avocado, eggs, or salmon.
  • Heavy sauces or alfredo sauce – Milk sugars or different added sugars can take a healthy dish of fish and greens and make it excessive in sugar. 
  • Replace with tomato sauces – Tomato-based sauce is of course lighter, decrease in energy, and decrease in sugar. Also embrace spices to present extra taste with out the sugar. More information on that beneath!
  • Latte – Even in the event you don’t get a flavored latte which clearly has sugary syrup, milk sugar or heavy cream is the perpetrator for hidden sugar once more right here. 
  • Replace with an Americano – Much lighter because it’s made with simply espresso and sizzling water, nevertheless it’s nonetheless received the strength of espresso and a tinge of creaminess. Plus, attempt my bonus tip it to add cinnamon for sweetness and further fats burning!
  • Regular bread – Most bread you’ll get from the grocery retailer or at eating places will fall underneath the “quick-burning carb” class, which implies it breaks down into sugar quick. 
  • Replace with sprouted bread – Much greater in fiber and simpler to digest, sprouted bread will fill you up extra, gradual digestion to hold blood sugar from spiking, and permit your physique to extract extra vitamins. You’ll discover this within the freezer part. 
  • Sushi – White rice is one other quick-burning carb that may trigger blood sugar spikes and feed unhealthy intestine micro organism triggering weight achieve. 
  • Replace with sashimi – Pure protein and nonetheless enjoyable and refreshing, sashimi leaves the rice out however nonetheless offers you healthy fish and yummy aspect dishes for taste selection. Order a 12-piece or 18-piece to guarantee you’re full. Eat with a aspect of pickled ginger and wasabi for extra digestive advantages. 
low sugar weight-loss diet
  • Low-fat yogurt – In an try to make low-fat meals style higher, food producers add sugars and different sweeteners to yogurt to make them extra interesting. 
  • Replace with greek yogurt – High in protein and low in sugar, greek yogurt is the best way to get the advantages of calcium and gut-healthy probiotics with out the sugar. 

Common low-sugar meals

You’re in all probability acquainted with these glorious low-sugar meals that may assist remodel your physique and thoughts. 

Low-sugar meals embrace numerous inexperienced greens and leafy greens, a large number of healthy fat, proteins, and even some fruits. 

Not all of the low sugar veggies have to be inexperienced. For instance, inexperienced, pink, yellow or orange bell peppers are all decrease in sugar and supply numerous healthy nutritional vitamins and antioxidants to assist increase weight loss. 

The veggies you’ll need to keep away from are starchy veggies like potatoes, candy potatoes, and winter squash like butternut and pumpkin. 

Get a full record of frequent low-sugar meals to get pleasure from within the low-sugar framework beneath!

Uncommon low-sugar meals

There are some unusual low sugar meals that you just won’t consider straight away, however that add a nice number of methods to eat low-sugar. 

Some of them are unusual since you won’t consider them straight away, corresponding to seeds like chia and flax seeds. These are highly effective little components that may be added to oatmeal, smoothies, or sprinkled over toast to add fiber and healthy fat. 

Others are starches, however healthy slow-burning starches corresponding to beans and legumes, or high-fiber bread. 

Dark chocolate counts! Read this text How to Reduce an Apple Shaped Belly: Food for Belly Fat Loss and see the low-sugar framework beneath for particulars!

What are the perfect spices for weight loss?

Spices are some of the essential elements of how to follow a low-sugar diet and the way I and so a lot of my purchasers have misplaced the weight we wished to. The method it really works is that we discovered how to start utilizing wonderful spices to give selection and taste to healthy meals. 

Adding spices (both sizzling spicy spices or simply flavorful delicate spices) can assist our brains and our bodies really feel glad by introducing a wide selection of flavors. This reduces cravings and helps with weight loss. (13)

Spices are a double blessing for weight loss as a result of not solely do they make healthy food extra thrilling with out including sugar or globs of energy, they’ll additionally assist to energetic fats burning!

Here are a few of my favourite spices for weight loss and their advantages. 


This is one in all my all-time must-have spices. I actually carry some in my purse as a result of it goes so effectively with so many issues and might add a delicate sweetness to food and drinks. (That’s why I really useful including it to your espresso. I do it on a regular basis!)

Cinnamon mimics the sweetness of sugar with out spiking your blood sugar ranges. In truth, cinnamon is without doubt one of the most well-known spices for serving to to handle blood sugar. This means it retains your vitality ranges fixed to stop insulin resistance. It additionally curbs urge for food and meets your want for candy. 

low sugar weight-loss diet
Read all concerning the Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Weight Loss & More (Ceylon vs Cassia). 


Ginger has been linked to decrease physique weight and fewer stomach fats in a number of research. (14) It’s no marvel! Ginger is a pure digestion aide and has even been proven to increase your metabolism whereas lowering urge for food and fats absorption. (15)

I’ve extra wonderful information on ginger right here: Ginger advantages weight loss, digestion, and morning illness


This delicate, golden spice can really block fats storage and cut back irritation within the physique to assist launch further fats and water weight. Its magical compound is curcumin, which is extremely anti-inflammatory and filled with vitamins that profit weight loss. 

low sugar weight-loss diet
Pic of turmeric
Get extra turmeric weight loss particulars and recipes on this submit: How turmeric advantages weight loss: 4 shocking methods (+hyperlinks to recipes!)


Here’s a spicy sizzling spice that actually kicks up your metabolic fires to assist burn further fats. Cayenne additionally reduces urge for food so that you don’t really feel the necessity to eat as a lot. (16) Capsaicin is the compound that provides cayenne its signature warmth and fat-busting talents. 

Want to be taught extra concerning the weight-loss energy of cayenne? Read on! Capsaicin For Weight Loss: How Chili Peppers Burn Belly Fat

See the low-sugar eating framework beneath for extra!

low sugar weight-loss diet

How to go low-sugar framework

In this framework, I’ll offer you a breakdown of which meals to eat, which to keep away from, and assist for the way to realistically apply following a low-sugar diet to actual life. 

Eat these low-sugar meals to lose weight


  • Leafy greens
  • Cruciferous veggies corresponding to Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower
  • Summer squash corresponding to zucchini and yellow squash 


  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Green apple

Healthy Fats

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Peanut butter or almond butter
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil


  • Salmon, sardines, cod, tuna
  • Tofu
  • Chicken
  • Lean beef, lamb or bison
  • Protein powder 

Eat these unusual low sugar meals that make it simpler to keep full and glad 

  • Healthy carbs like lentils, beans, or sprouted Ezekiel bread mixed with protein and greens
  • Dark chocolate (at the least 70% cocoa)
  • Chia seeds and flax seeds

You can discover out all about the advantages and nice recipes for my favourite tremendous seeds, chia seeds and flaxseeds in these articles – Chia seeds for weight loss and flax seeds for weight loss. 

Add these 6 tasty spices to your meals for selection and fat-burning

  1. Cinnamon – Helps management blood sugar ranges, cuts down on fats storage, and fights stomach fats
  2. Ginger – Boosts digestion, burns fats, fights illness
  3. Turmeric – Blocks physique fats from forming, lowers present physique fats, calms irritation
  4. Cayenne – Burns energy after you eat, revs up metabolism to deplete fats cells, curbs urge for food
  5. Cumin – Burns 3x the stomach fats and fats round your waist as regular, helps management diabetes and blood sugar, aids digestion
  6. Coriander – Fights and prevents most cancers, de-bloats your physique, helps enhance reminiscence 

Combine meals this fashion to maximize weight loss

Split your plate into three sections consisting of 40% protein, 40% vegetable, 20% healthy carbs.

low sugar weight-loss diet

The key for combining food this fashion is to make it easier to really feel full and glad with the protein and the healthy carbs. 

Focus on getting sufficient soluble fiber and insoluble fiber from greens and healthy carbs. Both assist contribute to feeling glad for longer so that you don’t overeat and helps hold your digestion going to eradicate bloating. 

  • Protein might be meat, tofu or different plant-sources of protein corresponding to nuts 
  • Healthy carbs is likely to be beans, lentils, legumes (that are additionally good protein sources) oatmeal, and quinoa
  • Choose from any of the low-sugar greens listed above

Practice moderation over full sugar elimination 

Maybe some folks can lower sugar out fully, however not most of us. What I like to recommend for a low-sugar weight loss diet permitting your self a scheduled cheat day or letting your self plan on having sugary meals (like ice cream or a brownie or no matter you need) on particular events. 

The secret is to deal with portion management and be sure you solely have sugar whenever you’ve deliberate on it forward of time. If you get within the behavior of letting your self cheat on a whim, you’ll in all probability discover that earlier than you recognize it, you’re again to eating as a lot sugar as you used to. 

Allow your self one brownie or one bowl of ice cream on a particular day, somewhat than simply giving in after which deciding that you just’ve “already ruined it” and persevering with to indulge. This mindset will get you again on the observe to gaining weight quick. 

How to deal with feelings and stress with out counting on sugar

It is so, really easy to use sugar as a method to consolation your self. When there are issues occurring in your life you could’t management or that simply plain stress you out, it’s frequent to attempt to numb the nervousness with one thing candy. 

Don’t fall into this lure!

low sugar weight-loss diet
Find out how to quick circuit the emotional overeating cycle right here: How to Stop Emotional Eating Forever And Lose Weight

There are more healthy methods to take care of your feelings that can make you’re feeling so significantly better each within the short-term and future. Next time you need to discover one thing candy to take the emotional edge off, attempt these as a substitute. 

  1. Light a mint scented candle (mint curbs your urge for food and likewise refreshes you)
  2. Go for a quick stroll (exercise calms your nervous system and boosts your temper)
  3. Indulge in a good ebook (even when only for a half hour)
  4. Journal about your emotions (it releases what you’re working by way of somewhat than burying it)
  5. Call a buddy or member of the family (speaking both about what’s bothering you or simply chatting can assist you’re employed it out simply take you out of your mind for a few minutes)
  6. Take a enjoyable heat bathtub, perhaps with a lavender diffuser (indulge your sense of contact and scent as a substitute of style!)

I hope this low-sugar weight loss diet information is useful for you. Let me know within the feedback what resonated with you and what new concepts you’re excited to attempt!

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