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What Is Collagen, Anyways? Complete Guide To Collagen In Skin Care

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It’s no secret that collagen is the important thing to a youthful-looking complexion. This structural protein supplies much-needed help and stability to maintain the pores and skin firm, plump and springy. Unfortunately, our our bodies’ shops of collagen quickly decline as we age. Read on to study what collagen does for the pores and skin and how one can defend it from harm.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the constructing block of a lot of our tissues and organs, together with our bones, muscle tissue, pores and skin and even enamel. This structural protein will get its identify from the Greek phrase “kolla”, which means glue (a useful trace for the function it performs within the physique). Collagen is what binds our cells and tissues collectively, serving to them retain their form, elasticity and strength.

Collagen will get its identify from the Greek phrase “kolla”, which means glue.

The majority of collagen is discovered and produced within the dermis (the pores and skin’s second layer). Here, fibroblasts synthesize strands of collagen which appear to be lengthy braids or ropes. According to SELF: “Individual amino acids link up to form long chains, which bundle together to form thicker strands. Those strands then twist and coil around each other to form triple helices. Finally, those helices connect end to end and stack on top of each other to form clusters called fibrils.” These fibrils type a mesh-like community that offers the pores and skin its underlying construction and help.

3 Types of Collagen

There are 28 sorts of collagen discovered within the physique, however Type I, II and III are probably the most plentiful. These three varieties represent as much as 90 p.c of the physique’s complete collagen provide. Here’s a breakdown of how they differ:

Type I

Type I is the commonest kind of collagen and supplies structural help for our bones, organs and connective tissues (together with the pores and skin). It is extremely elastic and may stretch significantly with out breaking. In reality, an MIT examine discovered that Type I collagen fibrils are 5 to 10 occasions stronger than metal. 

Type II

Type II collagen is the constructing block of cartilage. Unlike Type I collagen which is neatly organized, Type II kinds extra of a jumble. This association provides cartilage its versatile, springy high quality which permits it to simply compress and cushion our joints. 

Type III

Type III collagen is most concentrated in bone marrow and lymph tissues. Its slim fibers are organized in branches that present help for specialised cells concerned in blood cell technology. It is commonly discovered alongside Type I collagen within the pores and skin and performs a key function in wound restore.

What Does Collagen Do For Skin

Collagen is probably the most ample protein within the pores and skin – and for good purpose. This structural protein supplies strength, help and elasticity to maintain the pores and skin firm, plump and youthful. Here’s a better take a look at what collagen does for the pores and skin.

Provides Support & Structure

Collagen fibers bind tissue collectively. With their sturdy, braid-like composition, they operate very similar to sturdy columns that maintain up and help the highest layer of pores and skin. When you’re younger, these columns present the soundness and rigidity that preserve your pores and skin tight and lifted. This sturdy basis retains your pores and skin’s youthful form intact.

Keeps Skin Firm & Plump

Along with elastin and hyaluronic acid, collagen is discovered within the dermis, the center layer of pores and skin that offers it quantity, density and bounce. Together, these supplies type a decent, versatile community that retains pores and skin firm, plump and supple. When plentiful, collagen retains the pores and skin from sagging and prevents the folding and creasing that contributes to superb strains and wrinkles.

Improves Elasticity

That spring and bounce you see in youthful pores and skin? Credit that to collagen. In addition to protecting your complexion firm and plump, collagen improves the pores and skin’s flexibility and elasticity. This not solely helps stop the formation of wrinkles, it additionally reduces the looks of stretch marks and cellulite. 

Why Do We Lose Collagen?

The pores and skin comprises an abundance of collagen once we’re younger, however over time it begins to say no. Dr. Hooman Khorasani, Chief, Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery of Mount Sinai Health System tells us: “Our skin has a fine balance between collagen production and collagen breakdown. It can take up to 6 months for collagen to get synthesized in our body. As we get older, corticosteroids tend to halt the production of new collagen and accelerate the breakdown of new collagen.” 

Our pores and skin has a superb stability between collagen manufacturing and collagen breakdown.

Exposure to environmental stressors accelerates this course of. Unhealthy way of life habits (like smoking and excessive sugar consumption) in addition to stress, air pollution and UV rays trigger free radical harm that hurries up collagen depletion. By the time we hit our twenties, we lose roughly one p.c of collagen yearly. 

collagen depletion infographic

The Result: Visible Signs Of Aging

When we lose extra collagen than we produce, the seen indicators of growing older shortly start to emerge. Weakened collagen can’t present much-needed structural help and as collagen ranges drop, our pores and skin turns into thinner, begins to droop and develops superb strains and wrinkles.

As SHAPE explains, “When collagen is strong, your skin bounces right back. But if collagen is weak, repeated movements cause permanent creases. Skin doesn’t have enough collagen to fill in the groove, so you see a line even when you’re not squinting or furrowing, and it no longer has the same density to resist gravity.”

Ingredients That Stimulate Collagen Production

With collagen’s quite a few advantages for the pores and skin, it’s no marvel it’s an ingredient that has begun to pop up in pores and skin care. However, collagen in pores and skin care isn’t fairly so simple as tacking it on to an ingredient listing. Read on to study why.

The Problem With Size

The greatest (pun supposed) drawback with collagen is its dimension. Dr. Joshua Zeichner tells The Zoe Report: “Pure collagen molecules are too large to actually be absorbed by the body as-is.” Due to their dimension, these useful proteins can’t penetrate the pores and skin. Instead, pores and skin care consultants suggest utilizing topical remedies that embody substances like peptides, retinol and Vitamin C which stimulate and defend your pores and skin’s pure collagen manufacturing.


To bypass the sizing subject, many topical remedies include collagen peptides. These smaller chains of amino acids are extra simply absorbed by the pores and skin. When they attain the dermis, peptides present the pores and skin’s fibroblasts with the constructing blocks they should produce new collagen. By making use of peptides by pores and skin care, we are able to really trick the pores and skin into making extra of this important protein.


Retinol is one other topical  ingredient that stimulates collagen synthesis within the pores and skin. According to SHAPE, “Both retinoic acid and retinol ‘turn on’ genes and cells involved in collagen production. They also help organize new and existing collagen.” You can reap the advantages of retinol – and skip its unwanted effects – by choosing a botanical-based model like our Natural Retinol Alternative.

Vitamin C

Antioxidants like Vitamin C pull double obligation and stimulate collagen manufacturing in addition to defend it. Vitamin C not solely prompts the pores and skin’s fibroblasts to supply new collagen, it additionally stabilizes the collagen you have already got, serving to pores and skin keep firm, plump and youthful-looking for longer. Look for serums that pair this antioxidant with Vitamin E and ferulic acid. Research reveals that these vitamins amplify Vitamin C’s effectiveness eight-fold!

Vitamin C not solely prompts the pores and skin’s fibroblasts to supply new collagen, it additionally stabilizes the collagen you have already got, serving to pores and skin keep firm, plump and youthful-looking for longer. 

Skin Care Products That Help With Collagen Loss

Now that you simply’re well-versed in the advantages of enhancing and defending your pores and skin’s collagen, it’s time to discover pores and skin care merchandise that assist your pores and skin look sturdy and youthful. Here are a couple of of our tried-and-true favorites to reinforce and defend your pores and skin.

Eminence Organics Marine Flower Peptide Serum

Marine Flower Peptide Serum & Eye Cream

This pores and skin care duo options our Smart Collagen+ Complex which mixes botanical collagen, pure plant peptides and algae extracts. Together, these substances depart the pores and skin wanting sturdy and elastic. The Marine Flower Peptide Serum and Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream might be added to any pores and skin care routine to ship considerably smoother, plumper and extra youthful-looking pores and skin. 

Eminence Organics Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System

This three-step peel and peptide system features a Peptide Illuminating Complex derived from an antioxidant-rich mixture of hibiscus seed peptides, gardenia stem cells and yellow plum extract. This mix of antioxidants, botanical peptides and stem cells minimizes the seen indicators of growing older and provides pores and skin a firmer and smoother look.

Eminence Organics Bamboo Firming Fluid

Bamboo Firming Fluid

This silky focus is formulated with our Natural Retinol Alternative. This botanical-based complicated mimics the consequences of typical retinol by showing to elevate and tighten the pores and skin. Derived from chicory root and tara tree extract, it supplies the identical firming and smoothing outcomes with out the chance of irritation and downtime.

Eminence Organics Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum

Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum

This antioxidant-rich serum combines potent Vitamin C with Vitamin E and ferulic acid. Together, these substances assist the pores and skin look firm and plump with the seen indicators of growing older lowered. Eminence Organics Lead Skin Care Trainer Natalie Pergar tells us: “We formulated the Vitamin C concentration to the optimal amount to be non-irritating and still provide powerful antioxidant benefits.”

Spa Treatments

You can even increase your pores and skin’s collagen manufacturing with spa remedies. Here are a couple of of the preferred collagen regenerating remedies obtainable.


Microneedling – or collagen induction remedy – is a tried-and-true strategies to stimulate collagen manufacturing. This therapy creates 1000’s of microscopic punctures within the pores and skin to induce wound-healing. These micro-injuries set off the pores and skin’s fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen and elastin. Stefanie Williams MD tells Get The Gloss: “Medical needling gives skin a gentle nudge to remind it to keep making fresh collagen. It’s a very natural regenerative treatment that helps the skin help itself.”

Medical needling provides pores and skin a mild nudge to remind it to maintain making recent collagen.

Laser Treatments

Fractionated lasers are one other go-to. These work just like microneedling in that they trigger tiny, managed accidents that set off the creation of latest collagen. In this case, slightly than utilizing medical needles, the pores and skin care skilled will use resurfacing lasers to stimulate collagen manufacturing. Dr. Zeichner tells Harper’s Bazaar: “Lasers work by punching microscopic holes in the skin, creating a controlled burn and taking advantage of the skin’s ability to heal itself after wounds.”

Microcurrent Therapy

If your pores and skin is within the early levels of the growing older course of, microcurrent remedies might be useful. This kind of therapy is greatest for pores and skin that’s displaying the earliest indicators of growing older, because it situations the pores and skin’s fibroblasts to operate optimally and proceed to supply healthy, top quality collagen. In microcurrent remedy, two steel rods that conduct low-level electrical energy are drawn over the floor of the pores and skin to stimulate and energize facial muscle tissue.

Are you able to discover the advantages of collagen pores and skin care? Schedule a session with a licensed esthetician at an Eminence Organics accomplice spa close to you!

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