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Why is Extra Salt Injected into Meat?

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Why is the salt {industry} so highly effective? It has its personal PR and lobbying corporations to play tobacco industry-style techniques to downplay the risks of excessive salt consumption, however salt is so low cost. How a lot cash is the {industry} actually making? As I talk about in my video Big Salt: Getting to the Meat of the Matter, it’s not the salt mine barons who’re raking it in—it’s the processed food {industry}. Indeed, the trillion-dollar processed food {industry} makes use of dirt-cheap added salt and sugar to promote us their junk, and, by hooking us on hypersweet and hypersalty meals, our style buds get so dampened down that pure meals might style like cardboard. The ripest fruit is probably not as candy as Froot Loops, so we simply proceed to purchase increasingly more of the processed junk.

There are two different main causes the food {industry} provides salt to food. “The other 2 reasons, however, are entirely commercial and for most foods are the real reason the food industry wants the intake of salt to remain high.” If salt is added to meat, it attracts in water, so the weight might be elevated by about 20 %. Since meat is typically offered by the pound, that’s 20 % extra revenue for little or no value.

Salt additionally makes us thirsty. There’s a purpose bars provide free salted peanuts and soda corporations personal snack food corporations. It is not coincidence that Pepsi and Frito-Lay are the identical firm. Would we shell out 9 {dollars} for a drink on the motion pictures after eating a bucket of unsalted popcorn? Would we supersize our soda in the event that they didn’t salt our fries and Big Mac?

Salt is additionally added to meat as a result of it solubilizes the muscle proteins into a gel for “optimum” meat texture, which is one of many causes the meat and fish industries like transglutaminase, the “meat glue” enzyme. Meat glue can assist gel the muscle protein with out including salt.

Some of those salt alternate options depart a bitter aftertaste within the meat, however this drawback might be managed by including chemical “bitter blockers…which work by blocking the activation  of [our] taste receptor cells and thereby preventing taste nerve simulation”—that is, the knowledge is stopped from ever reaching our mind.

The meat {industry} acknowledges that its merchandise contribute a major quantity of dietary sodium, “maligning their own image,” however salt is simply so low cost that utilizing the rest would value the {industry} cash. However, if the meat {industry} is in a position to resolve this value subject—if it could make it cost-effective—then, in the future, maybe it may find yourself (because the meat {industry} itself stated) “saving millions of lives as well as dollars.”

You can rejuvenate your style buds in case you lower down on meals with added salt, sugar, and fats. Check out Changing Our Taste Buds.

Did I say meat glue? If you’ve by no means heard of it, see my video Is Meat Glue Safe?.

The meat {industry}’s response to salt jogs my memory of its response to the classification of processed meat as a recognized human carcinogen. See Meat Industry Reaction to New Cancer Guidelines and The Palatability of Cancer Prevention.

Isn’t there controversy as to how dangerous salt actually is for you? Decide for your self with the science:

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