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Does Salt Therapy Work for Skin Conditions?

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Beauty insiders are buzzing about what looks like a “new” pores and skin remedy, however truly has its roots in a really outdated remedy.

It’s known as “salt therapy,” and it’s being lauded for all types of rejuvenating, anti-aging, stress-relieving, and even eczema-soothing advantages.

Can sitting in salt actually do all this? We determined to look into it.

What is Salt Therapy?

Often known as “dry salt therapy” or “halotherapy” (from the Greek phrase for salt, “halo”), this can be a spa remedy that entails sitting in a “salt room,” often for 45 minutes to an hour or extra. Often these rooms have dim lighting and will embody therapeutic massage chairs so you possibly can take pleasure in a pleasant therapeutic massage when you relaxation.

This is form of like a sauna, besides that as a substitute of dispersing steam within the room, a halogenerator dispenses a managed and therapeutic degree of microscopic salt particles into the air.

Though typically touted as a “new” magnificence remedy, salt remedy has its roots within the historical apply of spending time in pure salt caves. Salt miners in Poland, for instance, have been discovered to have fewer respiratory diseases than others, which was linked to their common inhalation of salt mud.

After the link between the miners and the salt caves was found, salt inhalation turned a advisable remedy for lung situations.

As you sit in a salt room, you inhale the tiny salt microparticles that exist within the air, and your pores and skin turns into lined in them as properly. Potential advantages embody:

  • “Cleans” out the respiratory system, serving to skinny mucus so you possibly can expel it simpler, and ridding the system of pathogens and particles
  • Helps enhance lung situation in these with bronchial asthma and different respiratory situations
  • Supports the presence of excellent micro organism on the pores and skin, whereas lowering dangerous micro organism
  • Naturally helps tame irritation on the pores and skin
  • Balances the pores and skin’s pH and stimulates regeneration and therapeutic
  • Relieves stress and leaves you feeling refreshed

The remedy is typically likened to spending a day on the seaside. You could know the way it feels to breathe in that salty air on the coast. Dry salt remedy guarantees to present you the same feeling.

Does Salt Therapy Work for the Skin?

Salt by its very nature is of course antibacterial and antimicrobial. It’s an excellent germ-killer. That’s why your mother could have advisable that you just gargle with salt water whenever you had a sore throat, because the salt was recognized to assist kill the illness-causing micro organism.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states that thus far, we don’t have any high quality research on salt remedy and bronchial asthma, so there’s no technique to know whether or not the remedy would possibly assist. Concentrated salts can irritate the airways, inflicting cough and mucus, which may make bronchial asthma worse.

Other research have discovered extra constructive outcomes for individuals with cystic fibrosis and smoking-related coughing, and a few small research have discovered advantages for youngsters with delicate bronchial asthma.

What in regards to the pores and skin? Can salt remedy enhance the pores and skin’s situation and look?

There is a few proof that the salts utilized in halotherapy could have calming properties which might be useful for these with eczema and psoriasis. The salts comprise magnesium—like Epsom salts— which affords therapeutic advantages like bettering pores and skin barrier perform and lowering irritation.

Again, the scientific help for these claims is minimal. We couldn’t discover any research in peer-reviewed journals taking a look at salt remedy in these situations.

Does Halotherapy Have Any Safety Risks?

As famous above, there may be some concern that halotherapy may make signs of bronchial asthma and different lung problems worse in some instances. Check along with your physician earlier than making an attempt it.

The remedy seems to be protected for the pores and skin. It is necessary to be sure you get the remedy at a top quality facility that has educated medical employees available to deal with any issues. When you emerge from the remedy, be sure you moisturize your pores and skin properly, as salt remedy may be drying.

If you benefit from the spa remedy, it may be a good way to loosen up and unwind. But for those who’re trying for pores and skin magnificence advantages particularly, you could expertise equal and even higher outcomes by including some Epsom salts to your tub or utilizing a salt scrub instantly on the pores and skin.

Have you tried halotherapy?

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