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Not washing your hands after using bathroom worse than eating raw meat, study finds

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Experts have revealed that failure to clean hands after leaving the bathroom is extra prone to unfold drug-resistant E. coli than consuming raw or under-cooked meat.

According to the study, the possibly deadly bacterium’s “likeliest route” is thru human poop particles, which usually spreads by poor bathroom hygiene.


Last yr, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated almost 3,000 instances of Escherichia coli. Researchers pinpoint one sort — Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL)-producing E. coli — as one that’s notably tough to deal with.

“Rather — and unpalatably — the likeliest route of transmission for ESBL-E.coli is directly from human to human, with fecal particles from one person reaching the mouth of another,” mentioned University of East Anglia professor David Livermore, whose study is printed in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

ESBL-E. coli stay within the intestines of people and animals, a lot of which is innocent. However, some strains may cause signs of food poisoning resembling diarrhea and vomiting, urinary tract infections and, extra regarding, blood infections.

Livermore and his colleagues within the UK examined samples of beef, pork and rooster and analyzed these outcomes in opposition to samples of human feces, sewerage and blood. They found that strains between the human samples had been related, however completely different from these present in animals.

They say this means there’s “little crossover” of ESBL-E. coli between people and animals, mentioned Livermore, that means it’s being unfold primarily between people.


“Here — in the case of ESBL-E.coli — it’s much more important to wash your hands after going to the toilet,” mentioned Livermore, including that appropriately cooking meat stays vital to avoiding food-borne sickness.

Though many sorts of ESBL gained’t make you sick, those that do are proliferating.

“Infections caused by ESBL-E. coli bacteria are difficult to treat. And they are becoming more common in both the community and hospitals,” mentioned Livermore. “Mortality rates among people infected with these super-bug strains are double those of people infected with strains that are susceptible to treatment.”

Unfortunately, even adults may use a refresher on correct hand-washing methods, based on a study by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS). In 2017, they surveyed extra than 2,000 individuals and located that 84 p.c don’t scrub their hands with cleaning soap and water for the beneficial minimal of 20 seconds. More disturbingly, 21 p.c admitted they don’t all the time wash their hands after leaving the bathroom.

They warn that failure to carry out good hygiene causes extra sickness, which suggests extra use of antibiotics, resulting in a rise in drug-resistant micro organism, additionally referred to as “superbugs.”

“If we can reduce the number of illnesses where antibiotics are needed,” mentioned RPS president Ash Soni, “we can reduce antibiotic resistance by saving these important medicines for when they are really required.”

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