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Why You Shouldn’t Use Body Moisturizer on Your Face, According to Experts

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There’s one thing to be mentioned for a easy, environment friendly skin-care routine. In principle, it’s a pleasant concept to use three totally different face lotions each night time à la Demi Moore or to persistently make use of a multistep course of to make sure you’re factoring in each instrument, serum, and lotion crucial to make you look your glowing greatest, it may however get fairly expensive to your pockets and to the surroundings.

Understandably, it’s possible you’ll be in search of methods to consolidate and reduce wherever attainable, beginning with one of the vital seemingly easy merchandise: moisturizer.

On the floor, face and physique moisturizers could appear to be the identical factor, and it’s usually difficult to distinguish the 2 as soon as they’re out of their pots, tubes, or bottles. But whereas it could appear that these product genres are practically equivalent, save for advertising and prices (the previous is usually priced a lot greater than the latter), there’s a cause you shouldn’t use a “body” lotion from head to toe.

To be taught the logic behind the two-product moisturizing system, I requested dermatologists and beauty chemists for his or her enter.

What’s the distinction between the pores and skin on your physique and the pores and skin on your face?

The main distinction between your face’s pores and skin and the pores and skin in all places else is its thickness. (And even amongst physique components, there’s variation.) Board-certified New York City dermatologist Shari Lipner tells Allure that the pores and skin on your face is thinner than the remainder of your physique, with the periorbital pores and skin round your eyes being among the many thinnest.

According to Healthline, your face accommodates the very best focus of sebaceous glands. Those glands are liable for producing oil, the quantity of which could be dependent on hormone modifications and environmental circumstances. Essentially, your skinny, gland-abundant facial pores and skin is way extra delicate and fickle than your physique. Plus, it tends to be extra incessantly uncovered to the weather — significantly the solar and its dangerous UV rays — including one more variable to take into account.

How are face and physique moisturizers totally different?

Because of the person traits of your facial and physique pores and skin, the moisturizers that concentrate on every are formulated to serve vastly totally different functions past easy hydration and softening. For instance, physique lotion tends to deal with issues like firming, cellulite, or spider veins, in accordance to beauty chemist Ginger King. Face lotions, she says, are usually centered extra on pores, darkish spots, oiliness, and wrinkles and high quality strains.

In shot, it’s not simply product names and advertising: Face lotion and physique lotion are literally two separate kinds of merchandise. Of course, the specifics differ among the many many, many choices within the skin-care aisle, however the normal distinctions come down to the consistency and the elements.

King says physique formulation are normally heavier than face moisturizers, with thicker emollients to “protect and hydrate” the pores and skin. They “tend to contain a lot of butter, oil, and film formers [which are chemicals that seal in the moisture,” she says, including that these elements are sometimes too heavy for the face. And, Lipner notes, some physique lotions additionally include fragrances, which may irritate facial pores and skin — significantly when you’re on the delicate facet.

Facial lotions, on the opposite hand, normally include extra specialised — and costly — energetic elements that cater to your delicate facial pores and skin. “In pores and skin care, there are issues like licorice extract that may value $19,000 per kilogram,” King says. (It is utilized in very low concentrations.) She notes that it’s a comparable case for elements like sea asparagus (which aids in hydration and might value shut to $1,000 per kilogram) or peptides (which assist with collagen manufacturing).

King explains that the excessive value tags are due partly to the thorough testing these elements endure — they’re screened not just for sensitivity points but in addition to show they really do what they are saying they are going to (like cut back pore look or decrease darkish circles). But whereas it could make sense to pay extra for a product that you just’ll apply to extra delicate pores and skin and in smaller quantities, King notes that “folks won’t do this for physique care.”

Be trustworthy: Will utilizing physique moisturizer on my face trigger issues?

If you’re in a pinch and also you don’t have a greater possibility, you definitely can use physique lotion on your face — however neither King nor Lipner recommends it, particularly when you’ve got oily pores and skin or are inclined to pimples.

As Lipner explains, the thick physique formulation — which she notes don’t “take in nicely into thinner facial pores and skin” can irritate your skin and clog your pores, leading to breakouts. Plus, she adds, “most physique merchandise don’t have solar safety,” which is essential for any pores and skin that’s uncovered to the solar as a lot as your face is. The downsides are even larger for the particularly skinny and delicate pores and skin round your eyes; King says utilizing pore-clogging lotion can lead to milia, that are small, white cysts generally discovered across the eyes.

If you’ve gotten an inflammatory pores and skin situation, like eczema or psoriasis, Lipner says it’s particularly necessary to keep away from slathering physique moisturizer on your face. “These sufferers usually have a pores and skin barrier that’s much less strong, and small cracks within the pores and skin could permit microorganisms to invade,” she says. “Thick moisturizers can irritate the pores and skin and exacerbate the illness.”

And earlier than you attain in your hand cream as a substitute, take into account that most of these choices will likely be simply as unhealthy — if not worse — in your face. “Hand lotions, usually, are thicker than physique moisturizer as a result of it’s particular to the fingers and never supposed to glide off,” King says. “Body moisturizer wants to unfold to cowl the complete physique. With a concentrated product like hand cream, it could trigger even worse breakouts on the pores and skin.”

The backside line? Using physique lotion on your face once in a while received’t kill you. However, it’s possible you’ll not need to make it a behavior. “When it comes to pores and skin care or make-up, please comply with instructions simply as you’d with any prescriptions,” King says. “Have respect in your product and your pores and skin.” And when you’ve got questions on one of the best choices in your pores and skin, a dermatologist may also help you determine a personalised routine.

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