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Health Risks Of Intermittent Fasting

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Medically reviewed by Spandana NagulapallyMasters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

We all wish to shed these further kilos and look our greatest. Adopting a healthy way of life will profit in the long term and might curb a lot of lifestyle-related ailments.

To obtain nice health, it is very important eat a well-balanced eating regimen and exercise repeatedly. Popular strategies to lose weight are popping up left, proper and middle. Before adopting any technique, it is vitally vital to seek the advice of a specialist and find out about its execs and cons totally.

One such technique that has grow to be fairly in style of late is the intermittent fasting. Numerous individuals the world over have adopted intermittent fasting because the technique has confirmed to advertise weight loss. [1]

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Well, it isn’t simply weight loss. Studies have revealed that intermittent fasting may stop a number of lifestyle-related ailments and is particularly helpful for individuals with Type 2 diabetes. [2]

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a fasting technique that features common intervals of eating and fasting. Since the strategy has helped a lot of individuals assist lose weight, intermittent fasting has grow to be extraordinarily in style.

However, intermittent fasting has its personal share of negative effects. The day is cut up into the eating interval and the fasting interval. And it solely says about when to eat and never what to eat. Therefore, one should take heed to what they eat through the eating interval.

Intermittent fasting may occur weekly the place you cut up the week into eating days and fasting days. Many of us are fasting every single day whereas we sleep and we break this quick with our breakfast.

But below intermittent fasting, you possibly can proceed somewhat longer by skipping your breakfast and having the primary meal of the day at midday. You can restrict your self to eat until 8 pm. This is the cycle of eating interval.  After 8 pm, you possibly can proceed to quick all through the night time.

There are numerous kinds of intermittent fasting. It entails the hours of staying with out food and hours of eating. They are measured in ratio and fractions.

Types of intermittent fasting:

1. 12/12 technique:

This is whenever you eat for 12 hours within the day and quick for 12 hours.

Say for instance you eat your breakfast at 10 within the morning and have your final meal earlier than 10 within the night time; you fall below the 12/12 technique of intermittent fasting. Many of us are already doing this with out figuring out.

2. 16/8 technique:

Under this, you quick for 16 hours of your day and eat for 8 hours. Usually, below this technique, individuals are likely to skip breakfast and devour their first meal throughout midday. A person following this technique can slot in a minimal of 2 meals a day or principally 3. Under this technique, you additionally need to cease your self from eating at midnight.

3. 20/4 technique:

Now, you might be fasting for 20 hours of your day and eating solely 4 hours. Under this, a person can repair in just one meal of the day and fasts all by way of the day. This technique is troublesome since you can not repair greater than two meals below this technique.

4. 5:2 eating regimen:

Under 5:2 eating regimen, you eat for 5 days and quick for 2 days per week. You limit your calorie consumption for the fasting two days and eat repeatedly throughout the remainder of the 5 days.

5. Eat cease eat:

Under this eat cease eat technique; you would not have to stay for the 5:2 eating regimen technique. You can select between eating and fasting for an entire 24 hours relying on the times. There is not any correct schedule below this technique.

It just isn’t potential to observe each fasting technique. While some strategies could be adopted effortlessly, others can pose a problem and have severe implications on health. Therefore, earlier than choosing a fasting technique, it is vitally vital to seek the advice of a health specialist.

Intermittent fasting for kind 2 diabetes:

The important reason for Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance – a situation by which the physique doesn’t reply to insulin. How does this sort 2 diabetes occur?

Various components contribute to kind 2 diabetes. Though genetics play a significant function, components like dangerous way of life, unhealthy eating habits and being chubby will increase the chance of creating the illness earlier.

But the above-stated components could be handled by altering the way in which you reside and intermittent fasting may help you get there. [3]

Here are a number of the methods Intermittent Fasting can enhance your way of life and assist deal with Type 2 diabetes higher.

1.Weight administration

Overweight people who find themselves identified with kind 2 diabetes ought to give attention to shedding the surplus weight. To obtain this, they need to undertake healthy eating habits and incorporate bodily actions every single day.

When they follow intermittent fasting, their physique makes use of the saved fats for power. This boosts the weight loss course of.

2. Burning extra energy

When a person practices intermittent fasting, their calorie consumption is restricted. This improves physique metabolism and might stop cardiovascular ailments.  

3. Improve insulin sensitivity

Studies have famous that intermittent fasting has the flexibility to enhance insulin sensitivity and might management the glucose degree within the physique. This propels weight loss. [4]

4. Exercise warning

Though Intermittent Fasting appears to have a constructive impact on kind 2 diabetes, research even have indicated that intermittent fasting can result in hypoglycaemia – a situation the place blood sugar degree is dangerously low.

Therefore, diabetic sufferers should be very cautious whereas practising Intermittent Fasting and it’s suggested that they seek the advice of a doctor earlier than following intermittent fasting. [5]

Disadvantages of intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting is likely one of the greatest innovations of mankind; nonetheless, it has its personal downside. Here are a number of the disadvantages that it is advisable take into account earlier than commencing intermittent fasting.

1. Disturbance in physique sugar ranges

Intermittent fasting disturbs the physique sugar ranges. The human physique must have correct sugar ranges. This is particularly vital for individuals with diabetes.

Too excessive or too low blood sugar can grow to be a significant drawback for the physique and typically even survival. Regular consumption of meals may help you keep the glycaemic index within the physique.

Skipping main meals of the day will lead your physique to really feel fatigued and weak all by way of the day. Upon that, the intermittent eating regimen requires you to quick for days of week or hours of the day.

2. Issues with breakfast

Breakfast has been declared as one among an important meal for the day, and therefore it’s neither healthy nor helpful to skip the breakfast. Regular skipping of breakfast will result in catabolism within the physique.

This implies that the physique muscle begins to interrupt down. Hence it is very important devour your breakfast in an hour after waking as much as keep away from catabolism within the physique.

3. Leads to hormonal imbalances

A hormonal imbalance just isn’t good for the physique. Diseases like PCOS have their root trigger to hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance can typically result in early or late durations for ladies.

Also, it may possibly hinder conception and delay when left untreated. Under hormonal imbalances, the physique anyhow struggles, and fasting provides as much as the issue.

4. Acidic physique

It is vital to feed your physique with vitamins and proteins that may assist the physique to develop and work. Skipping meals will make your physique liable to acidity.

When a person skips meals, his/her physique is operating on an empty abdomen. If the abdomen is empty for lengthy, there’s an elevated secretion of gastric juices that assault the internal lining of the abdomen partitions and causes acidity and ulcers. This cans additionally shut your physique down.

It is vital to keep in mind that each heath routine can have its personal execs and cons. As lengthy as it isn’t overdone, one can get the perfect out of it. A sort 2 diabetic affected person can undertake intermittent fasting however solely after consulting with their physician.

Similarly, research carried out on intermittent fasting on the subject of diabetes had been solely on kind 2 diabetes. People with kind 1 diabetes or idiopathic diabetes mustn’t follow intermittent fasting and are beneficial to seek the advice of their physician earlier than taking on any routine. 



Q: Can Type 2 diabetics do intermittent fasting?

A: Yes, kind 2 diabetes can do intermittent fasting.

Q: Can intermittent fasting treatment kind 2 diabetes?

A: No, intermittent fasting can’t treatment kind 2 diabetes.

Q: Does fasting decrease blood sugar degree?

A: Yes, intermittent fasting can deliver down the surplus blood sugar ranges.

Q: Is intermittent fasting protected for diabetes?

A: Intermittent Fasting is mostly protected. However, individuals with diabetes needs to be cautious whereas practising intermittent fasting since there are probabilities that their blood sugar ranges can dangerously drop.

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