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How to Treat Endometriosis with Diet

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“Endometriosis is a major cause of disability and compromised quality of life in women and teenage girls.” It “is a chronic disease which is under-diagnosed, under-reported, and under-researched…[and for patients, it] can be a nightmare of misinformation, myths, taboos, lack of diagnosis, and problematic hit-and-miss treatments overlaid by a painful, chronic, stubborn disease.”

Pain is what finest characterizes the illness: ache, painful intercourse, heavy irregular durations, and infertility. About one in a dozen younger girls undergo from endometriosis, and it accounts for about half the instances of pelvic ache and infertility. It’s brought on by what’s referred to as “retrograde menstruation”—blood, as a substitute of taking place, goes up into the belly cavity, the place tissue of the uterine lining can implant onto different organs. The lesions will be eliminated surgically, however the recurrence price inside 5 years is as excessive as 50 p.c.

Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent illness, so would possibly the anti-estrogenic results of the phytoestrogens in flaxseeds and soy meals assist, as they seem to do in breast most cancers? I couldn’t discover research on flax and endometriosis, however soy food consumption might certainly cut back the chance of that illness. What about treating endometriosis with soy? While I couldn’t discover any research on that, there may be one other food related with decreased breast most cancers threat: seaweed.

Seaweeds have particular sorts of fiber and phytonutrients not present in land crops, so so as to get these distinctive elements, we would wish to incorporate sea greens into our food plan. Seaweeds, might have anti-cancer properties, together with anti-estrogen results. Japanese girls have among the many lowest charges of breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers, in addition to longer menstrual cycles and decrease estrogen ranges circulating of their blood, which can assist account for his or her low threat of estrogen-dependent cancers. We assumed this was due to their soy-rich diets, however their excessive consumption of seaweed may also be serving to.

When seaweed broth was dripped on human ovary cells that make estrogen, estrogen ranges dropped. Why? It both inhibits manufacturing or facilitates breakdown of estrogen. It might even block estrogen receptors, decreasing the exercise of the estrogen that’s produced. This is in a petri dish, although. Does it occur in girls, too? Yes.

Researchers estimated that an efficient estrogen-lowering dose of seaweed for a mean American lady is likely to be round 5 grams a day, however, apparently, nobody has tried testing it on most cancers sufferers but. However, it has been tried on endometriosis, as I talk about in my video How to Treat Endometriosis with Seaweed.

Three girls with irregular menstrual cycles, together with two with endometriosis, volunteered to add a tiny quantity of dried, powdered bladderwrack, a typical seaweed, to their every day food plan. This successfully lengthened their cycles and decreased the length of their durations—and never simply by slightly. As you’ll be able to see at 3:14 in my video, topic 1 had a 30-year historical past of irregular durations, averaging each 16 days. Taking only a quarter-teaspoon of this seaweed powder a day added 10 days onto her cycle, up to 26 days, and including a every day half-teaspoon elevated her cycle to 31 days, almost doubling its size. Furthermore, as you’ll be able to see at 3:38 in my video, all three girls skilled marked reductions in blood circulate and a decreased length of menstruation. For 30 years, topic 1 had been having her interval each 16 days, and it usually lasted 9 days. Can you think about? Then, by simply taking a every day half-teaspoon of seaweed, her interval got here simply as soon as a month and solely lasted about 4 days. Most importantly, within the two girls affected by endometriosis, they reported “substantial alleviation” of their ache. How is that attainable? There was a 75 p.c drop in estrogen ranges after only a quarter-teaspoon of seaweed powder a day and an 85 p.c drop after a half-teaspoon. 

Of course, with only a few girls and no management group in that examine, we’d like greater, higher research. But, that examine was printed greater than a decade in the past and never a single such examine has been printed since. Millions of ladies are struggling with these circumstances. Does the analysis world simply not care about girls? The extra pointed query is: who’s going to fund the work? Less than a teaspoon of seaweed prices lower than 5 cents, so a bigger examine might by no means be achieved. But, with none downsides, I counsel endometriosis victims give it a attempt.

For extra on endometriosis, see my video What Diet Best Lowers Phthalate Exposure?, and, to be taught concerning the anti-estrogenic results of the phytoestrogens in flaxseeds on breast most cancers, see Flaxseeds and Breast Cancer Survival: Clinical Evidence.

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