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10 Tips to Help You Avoid Razor Burn and Bumps

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With the hotter climate upon us, we’re sporting extra skin-baring fashions, which suggests one factor: time to shave away the hair!

You might favor different strategies of hair removing, however should you’re a die-hard shaver—or simply respect its simplicity—chances are you’ll battle with razor bumps. If you’re a man with delicate pores and skin, these could also be a relentless thorn in your facet.

Not solely are they unattractive, however they’re irritating too, typically itching and burning for days after you’ve completed shaving.

Fortunately, you don’t have to reside with it. Below are ten tips that can assist each males and ladies forestall razor bumps sooner or later.

What Are Razor Bumps?

Before we speak about how to forestall them, it helps to know what they’re within the first place. First, slightly readability: there are two sorts of razor bumps most of us have skilled at one level or one other:

  • Razor rash: Also referred to as razor burn, this can be a crimson, tender space that varieties after shaving. It typically itches for a day or two and can have little raised bumps that kind within the hair follicles.
  • Razor bumps: These are ingrown hairs brought on by lower hair strands that curl again into the pores and skin and develop there, inflicting pimple-like bumps.

Razor rash is often extra frequent than razor bumps, although each can happen after shaving. As to what causes them, we’ll go over that subsequent, whereas offering you with some useful options.

1. Get a Good Razor.

A boring, previous, soiled, or poor-quality razor will increase your threat for razor burn or bumps. Even a model new, single-blade razor could cause issues. Here’s a secret: whether or not you’re a person or ladies, use a males’s 4-bladed razor with a moisturizing strip. It’s made to be further mild, so it’s possible to carry out nicely on a woman’s delicate pores and skin as nicely.

By the best way, you most likely ought to toss the blade earlier than you suppose you need to. Most razors are designed to final between 5-10 shaves.

2. Soak the Skin in Warm Water

Soaking softens the outer layer of pores and skin, making it simpler to take away hair, which reduces your threat of razor burn. Sit again and calm down within the tub or bathe for 10 minutes first, or apply a heat, moist washcloth to the realm you’re going to shave and let it relaxation there a couple of minutes.

3. Exfoliate the Skin

Exfoliating helps do away with the useless pores and skin cells on the floor of the pores and skin, which supplies the razor a smoother floor to journey over whereas permitting it to get nearer to the pores and skin. Exfoliating can even tease out cussed ingrown hairs earlier than shaving.

Use a washcloth or mild scrubbie with some exfoliating physique wash to put together the pores and skin.

4. Try a Shaving Oil

If you utilize slightly oil underneath your shaving cream, it should create a barrier that protects it whereas offering a smoother floor over which the blade can glide. It makes for a extra snug shave all the best way round. Plus pores and skin that’s mushy and moisturized is much less possible to host ingrown hairs.

Use solely a small quantity—it doesn’t take a lot. Try any moisturizing oil, together with olive, jojoba, coconut, or almond.

5. Use a Thick, Moisturizing Shaving Cream

Shaving cream does one factor for you: it protects your pores and skin. When you run that blade over your leg, you’re not solely scraping away hair however slightly little bit of pores and skin, too. If you don’t use sufficient shaving cream, or in case your cream isn’t suitably fluffy and moisturizing, you’ll calmly abrade the pores and skin, main to that crimson irritation and itch.

After you’ve smoothed on slightly oil, apply a thick layer of shaving cream.

6. Shave in One Direction

You’ve possible heard the controversy about whether or not you need to shave with or in opposition to the hair progress.

The prevailing knowledge is that going in opposition to the grain of the hair makes irritation extra possible. So strive to shave within the route the hair is rising. You might have to take an additional cross or two, however it will likely be much less possible to irritate these hair follicles and trigger bumps.

Glide the razor gently alongside, holding the blade down with out including an excessive amount of strain. If you may have a high quality blade, you gained’t have to go over the identical space twice (or extra).

7. Rinse and Cool

As quickly as you end shaving, rinse the realm with cool water. For delicate pores and skin inclined to razor burn, calm the realm with a chilly compress for up to 10 minutes—it could actually assist forestall irritation.

8. Apply an Anti-inflammatory Product

This is one step that many individuals miss. Your pores and skin is susceptible after shaving, so the very first thing you need to do after cooling it’s to apply an anti-redness or anti-inflammatory product. This will help cut back your probabilities of experiencing irritation afterward.

We suggest our Rescue + Relief Spray. It’s filled with pure anti-inflammatory substances in addition to calming aloe, cucumber, water lily, and comfrey. It will assist soothe the pores and skin and speed up therapeutic, and it makes an important aftershave.

9. Moisturize

After you’ve misted on some anti-redness spray, comply with with a high quality moisturizer. This helps lock in moisture so your pores and skin doesn’t get dry, which may exacerbate irritation. Moisturizer additionally creates a barrier over the pores and skin, defending it. Moist, hydrated pores and skin is happier pores and skin.

Avoid merchandise stuffed with fragrances and petrolatum and select these with aloe vera, pure oils, and vitamin E. We counsel our Body Repair Lotion and Calming Moisture, as they each have oat kernel extract to cut back itching.

10. Clean the Razor

After each shave, sanitize the blade with rubbing alcohol and heat or scorching water. This retains any micro organism from settling into the razor, the place it may irritate your pores and skin the subsequent time you shave. Then retailer the razor in a clear, dry place—it’s finest not to go away it within the bathtub or bathe as these are moist areas the place micro organism can develop.

How do you forestall razor burn?

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