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Are bananas just sugar? | Shape Me, by Susie Burrell

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Are bananas just sugar?

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A headline just lately graced the entrance web page of a number of web sites claiming that eating a banana was the equal of consuming 6 teaspoons of pure sugar. It was acknowledged by specialists commenting on this story that consuming such excessive sugar meals was harmful for these with Type 2 diabetes and as such excessive sugar meals must be averted. So, is there any fact behind this? Is a banana the equal of 6 teaspoons of sugar, and whether it is, ought to we be avoiding them?

All carbohydrate-based meals together with bread, rice, cereal, pasta, legumes, starchy veges, fruits and sugars together with honey and sugar itself are damaged down into glucose molecules as a part of the digestive course of. Here the glucose is then taken by the hormone insulin to the muscle groups for vitality to gasoline the liver and the mind.

One of the problems in fashionable life is that as we have now grow to be far much less energetic, and eat an entire lot extra excessive carbohydrate, processed meals together with desserts, biscuits, pastries, white rice, white bread and snack food it has grow to be extra widespread for people to have points processing the quantity of glucose they devour from processed carbohydrates effectively. Over time, the hormone that helps to course of glucose, insulin doesn’t work as effectively which can lead to glucose ranges rising over time and Type 2 diabetes growing long run.

When the declare has been made that bananas are a big supply of carbohydrate or sugar (20-30g relying on the dimensions of the banana), it’s assuming that each one kinds of carbohydrate are equal. It is assuming {that a} teaspoon of sugar is similar because the equal quantity of carbohydrate in a banana, as is in a potato as is in a biscuit, which is solely not the case. Rather the best way the carbohydrates are processed is impacted by whether or not the carbohydrate comes from an entire food, what different vitamins are discovered within the food and likewise by what different meals the carbohydrate wealthy food is eaten with.

For instance, as bananas comprises quantity of dietary fibre (2-3g per banana), this nutrient slows down the digestion of the carbohydrates within the banana, decreasing the insulin required to digest this food. If you examine this to a lolly, or 6 teaspoons of sugar, the general lack of vitamins in these extra processed meals ends in a way more speedy launch of glucose into the bloodstream, probably inflicting points long run with insulin regulation.  

When it involves completely different carbohydrate wealthy meals, not solely is it an unfair comparability between food teams, i.e. you can’t examine a grain to a fruit, neither is it affordable to match an entire food comparable to a banana to a processed type of carbohydrate. In the case of evaluating food teams, completely different food teams provide completely different vitamins whereas there isn’t any comparability available between processed and pure entire meals. It is like evaluating chalk and cheese.

Bananas like all fruits are composed largely of carbohydrates, and the pure sugar fructose. While there have been a lot media attention addressing the difficulty of a excessive fructose consumption and insulin resistance, a lot of that is primarily based on using excessive fructose corn syrup that’s used extensively to sweeten meals within the US. This shouldn’t be the case right here, and naturally occurring fructose may be very completely different to excessive fructose corn syrup.

It is protected to say that no person ever received Type 2 diabetes from eating too many bananas. Rather folks get Type 2 diabetes once they have a genetic predisposition, they over devour energy usually and devour extreme fat and processed carbs and are far much less energetic than they should be.

It is really useful that Aussie adults devour 2 items of fruit every day to get the pure carbohydrates and vitamins contemporary fruit gives. It is true that bananas are a concentrated supply of carbohydrate, however that is why they’re also referred to as nature’s vitality food. And they’re a a lot better, pure supply of gasoline than the processed carbs comparable to white rice, white bread, processed snack meals and sugary drinks many people nonetheless eat far an excessive amount of off. This is the principle challenge with our diets, not the common-or-garden banana.

Susie is at present a model ambassador for Australian Bananas. To be taught extra concerning the partnership, click on right here.



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