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How to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

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Vitamin C is pitted head-to-head towards antibiotics for bacterial vaginal infections.

A examine revealed in 1999 raised the thrilling chance that “cheap, simple, innocuous and ubiquitous vitamin C” dietary supplements may forestall a situation generally known as preeclampsia, however after a decade of analysis, we realized that was merely a false hope and that vitamin C dietary supplements seem to play little position in ladies’s health. But this was in regard to oral vitamin C, not vaginal vitamin C, which has been discovered to be an efficient remedy for bacterial vaginosis, an all too frequent gynecological dysfunction characterised by a foul-smelling, watery, grey discharge, which I talk about in my video Treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Vaginal Vitamin C.

Bacterial vaginosis “can best be described as an ‘ecological disaster’ of the vaginal microflora.” The good, regular, lactobacillus-type micro organism get displaced by a military of unhealthy micro organism. Probiotics could assist, repopulating the nice micro organism, however the motive the unhealthy micro organism took over within the first place was that the pH was off. I’ve talked earlier than in regards to the position weight loss plan could play within the growth of the situation. (See my video Bacterial Vaginosis and Diet for extra.) For instance, saturated fats consumption could improve vaginal pH, permitting for the expansion of undesirable micro organism, so why not strive to re-acidify the vagina with ascorbic acid, in any other case generally known as vitamin C? This isn’t simply plain vitamin C tablets however specifically formulated silicone-coated dietary supplements that launch vitamin C slowly, in order to not be irritating. How nicely do they work? One hundred ladies affected by the situation have been cut up into two teams, and the vaginal vitamin C beat out placebo. But how does vitamin C examine with typical remedy, an antibiotic gel?

This is a crucial query. “Although perceived as a mild medical problem,” bacterial vaginosis could improve the chance of a number of gynecological issues, together with issues throughout pregnancy, if you need to keep away from taking medication at any time when potential. The vitamin C appeared to work as successfully because the antibiotic. So, vitamin C can actually assist, particularly within the first trimester of pregnancy if you actually don’t need to utilizing medication like topical antibiotics. And for ladies with recurrent episodes, utilizing vitamin C for six days after every cycle seems to lower the chance of recurrence in half, as you possibly can see at 2:36 in my video.

Another means to get vitamin C into the physique is by dripping it instantly into the vein. Does that really do something? See:

For these of us preferring to get vitamin C the old style means, by the mouth and in meals slightly than dietary supplements, the query turns into What Is the Optimal Vitamin C Intake?

 If you’re contemplating taking oral vitamin C in dietary supplements as a substitute, ensure to watch this video first: Do Vitamin C Supplements Prevent Colds But Cause Kidney Stones?.

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