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What is the Best Type of Diet for Weight Loss?

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Shunmukha Priya, Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

Obesity is a typical health drawback immediately; however are you aware what is even worse? It is selecting the proper sorts of weight loss program for weight loss.

With tens of millions of blogs and web sites encouraging you to decide on this weight loss program or that weight loss program, what do you assume is the greatest for you? Who do you assume decides which is the greatest kind of weight loss program for you?


Obesity is evidently a serious drawback in the present interval. Even with unimaginable advances in the medical business, weight problems hasn’t gone down for even 1 p.c.

Major illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and plenty of such continual points is a present from weight problems to youthful and older generations immediately.

With million issues comes billion options. Weight loss is extra of a enterprise than an answer immediately. Everyday you come throughout these gimmicks about weight loss and the proper kind of diets. In truth, there are loads of individuals who even fall for them.

It is true that with days the record of totally different diets to lose weight are growing quickly. And so are the quick food centres.

With this manipulative setting, how can one select the proper kind of weight loss program and discover the greatest outcomes on them?

It has turn into laborious to determine the greatest method one can go along with regard to weight loss program. Especially as a long run answer.

Today, on this article we carry to you a listing of 7 differing types of weight loss program which are primarily targeted on weight loss and healthy dwelling.

Types of Diet

1.  Vegan Diet

Lately, one of the hottest diets that you’ll come throughout is vegan weight loss program. As the title says all of it, it is a kind of vegetarian weight loss program.

In truth, it is an excessive degree of vegetarian weight loss program. Not simply fish and meat, all the animal merchandise like milk and milk merchandise, and eggs are additionally excluded on this weight loss program.

Generally, this explicit weight loss program is adopted for moral or environmental causes. It is meant in direction of restraining animal exploitation or cruelty and never simply for health causes. As proper the cause sounds, following this kind of weight loss program, particularly for non-vegetarians is a tough process.

As mentioned earlier than, following a vegan weight loss program not solely excludes fish and meat but additionally animal merchandise like milk, egg, honey, casein, whey and so forth. This in reality is not even a weight loss program, extra like change in the approach of life and philosophy.

If you’re prepared to comply with this weight loss program, then your staple meals are largely plant based mostly.

For instance: fruits, greens, leafy greens, seeds, nuts, legumes, entire grains and so forth. Since you’re excluded from having meat, for protein and vitamin content material you’ll want to discover different merchandise.

Vegan weight loss program not solely advantages you in dropping weight but additionally helps your physique combat different health situations. Conditions like diabetes, coronary heart associated points, digestion issues and so forth could be managed with this explicit weight loss program. [1]

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2. Ketogenic Diet

One of the crash  diets for speedy weight loss is low-carbohydrate and high-fat keto weight loss program. A ketogenic weight loss program contains low-carbohydrates, moderate-proteins and high-fat divided in sure ratios in the meal.

Ketogenic weight loss program is one of the sorts of weight loss program that is majorly focussed on weight loss. It is additionally recognized to handle medical situations like epilepsy.

Keto Diet for weight loss

This weight loss program is one of the methods to lose weight quickly in a couple of months. It is additionally beneficial for folks combating pimples.

Although best in phrases of dropping weight, keto weight loss program can’t be a long run plan. Especially, it is not the proper approach for healthy dwelling which is a sustainable approach for dropping weight.

Before you go forward with this explicit weight loss program, it is mandatory that you just seek the advice of your physician and nutritionist. This is an excessive kind of weight loss program which requires strict vigilance.[2]

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3. Mediterranean Diet

One of the topmost in the record of totally different diets to lose weight is Mediterranean weight loss program. This weight loss program right here consists of consumption of meals which are obtainable in your area. Mostly plant based mostly however doesn’t utterly remove meat.

Mediterranean weight loss program additionally fosters the significance of bodily exercise and meditation. This weight loss program lets you exchange junk meals with different choices as per your explicit cravings.

As it promotes healthy eating, it turns into cheap and likewise content material as you are likely to eat the correct quantity of food.

Mediterranean Diet for healthy weight loss

For a long run healthy dwelling, this may be your go to weight loss program. It is extremely useful for the ones affected by psychological health like depression and nervousness.

It is additionally beneficial because it is useful in decreasing the dangers of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s illness. As a outcome of healthy eating, your longevity additionally will increase.

With details, comes the myths. One such fantasy about Mediterranean weight loss program is that it is costly. Well! This is positively unfaithful. Because, opting for most plant based mostly food and particularly regional food is at all times price efficient.

Another such fantasy is that Mediterranean weight loss program is largely simply food based mostly. As clearly talked about above, this explicit weight loss program additionally promotes the significance of bodily exercise and psychological health.[3]

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4. Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet is a weight loss program regime which predominantly consists of consumption of raw or uncooked meals in your every day meals. It doesn’t embody something that is processed.

It is ideally beneficial to eat plant based mostly meals on this weight loss program. The most quantity of folks following this explicit weight loss program are typically vegan.

Raw diet for weight loss

Raw food weight loss program majorly consists of greens, legumes and fruits. By nature, this weight loss program consists of much less trans fat and avoids meals which are pasteurized or processed with components. Raw food weight loss program is much less calorific and therefore one of the greatest for speedy weight loss.

Raw food weight loss program helps in managing blood sugar ranges, reduces the dangers of coronary heart illness, most cancers, diabetes and likewise improves your pores and skin health.

In this sort of weight loss weight loss program, since no cooking is allowed, you’ll be able to go for sprouting of seeds or grains. Juicing of veggies and fruits is additionally an amazing method. Dried fruits which are dehydrated and even mixing your meals generally is a higher method to go along with this weight loss program.

Raw food weight loss program could sound straightforward in phrases of food preparation time. But, it is one of the tough diets in phrases of overcoming the cravings and the want for consuming tasty food.

This explicit weight loss program is laborious to comply with for a long run. It could be useful for individuals who wish to lose weight shortly.[4]

5. Paleo Diet

In the record of totally different diets to lose weight, paleo weight loss program is the most historical one. It is hardly in human observe presently. Paleo Diet is from an period whereby eating meals that got here from searching was the proper approach of life.

It is believed that with time, the fashionable observe of eating food has modified a lot that the physique is unable to adapt to the present food chain.

Paleo Diet

Paleo weight loss program consists of meals comparable to fish, meat, eggs, greens, fruits, seeds, nuts, spices and so forth. Foods that need to be utterly averted on this weight loss program are sugary meals, processed meals, tender drinks, dairy merchandise, grains, legumes, and salt.

Just like Mediterranean weight loss program, the paleo weight loss program additionally goals at healthy eating for weight loss. Its advantages revolve round weight loss, managing diabetes, coronary heart health and likewise higher urge for food administration.[5]

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6. Low-Carb Diet

 As the title offers all of it away, low-carb weight loss program limits the quantity of carbohydrates consumption. It primarily encourages excessive protein and fats in meals. The major motive of Low-Carb weight loss program is dropping weight.

This kind of weight loss program may additionally include health advantages like decreasing dangers of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Today, there are a number of options for low-carb food merchandise which will assist you to be in line with the weight loss program.

Low carb diet

Generally, carbohydrates are the macronutrients that present energy in a weight loss program. Certain fruits, veggies, grains, seeds and so forth are a pure supply of carbohydrates. The restrict in consumption of these meals is important on this kind of weight loss weight loss program.

Many food producers add refined carbohydrates like sugar and white flour in processed meals. These meals need to be consumed in restrict and even averted.

Low-carb diets not simply assist lose weight but additionally discover its place in benefiting your health by decreasing the dangers of coronary heart associated points.[6]

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7. Intermittent Fasting

Don’t go by its title. It is positively not a ravenous weight loss program! Intermittent fasting weight loss program includes fasting for some interval of time in a day.

For instance, the time between your dinner and breakfast. You typically don’t eat something between that interval and therefore that is a fasting.

Performing fasting for some interval in a day, helps in digestion of food. It additionally helps burn much more energy when in comparison with that of different diets. This weight loss program needs to be performed beginning with fasting for a lesser length. Going overboard at the very first time may hurt your health.

intermittent fast for weight loss

How do you assume intermittent fasting works? So, for starters, let’s say you get all of your vitality from the food consumed between morning 9 to night 6. After 6 in the night you don’t eat something till the subsequent day 9 in the morning.

The food you eat from 9-6 supplies you with vitality to spend the subsequent 15 hours. Once all that vitality is spent, to remain lively for the relaxation of the time, your physique makes use of the vitality from the fats saved in your physique. Hence ends in weight loss.

With a quantity of diets in the record of totally different diets to lose weight, there are some which not solely think about dropping weight but additionally in your health. It is vital to know and perceive what works greatest for you.[7]

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How To Decide Which Is The Best Type Of Diet For Weight Loss?

When it involves weight loss, you will have loads of recommendation and data coming round. May or not it’s from tens of millions of web sites, blogs and even magazines and books. But don’t fall for all that comes your approach. Most of these diets are false permitted and are usually not a long run answer.

We perceive your confusions and considerations. But the query is, do you perceive that? Weight loss is an artwork. It requires strict vigilance and collective help out of your environment. Most importantly, you’ll want to perceive your personal physique.

What you want/dislike? What makes you’re feeling full? And many such questions need to be answered.

Here is what you are able to do for starters:

  • Consult a nutritionist: First and foremost, contain your nutritionist  in all of your discussions and researches. They may give you correct steerage on what is proper for you and what is not. 
  • Find options: Consider your wants. Do not prohibit your self from having sure food that is your favourite. Instead, discover an alternate. Restricting or forcing your self may worsen mentally inflicting extra hurt to your physique.
  • Affordable: Always have a look at how a lot you’ll be able to afford them financially. Looking at your pockets with regards to health is improper, they are saying. But it is vital to grasp that not everybody is in place to afford all the pieces. Make your funds beforehand.
  • Go for domestically obtainable and seasonal meals: Make certain to attempt diets that go together with your domestically obtainable meals. This approach you aren’t importing something from exterior which saves you from undesirable expense. Also, you’re already conscious of these meals round you on a regular basis.
  • Physical Activity: Always embody bodily exercise together with your weight loss program. It is vital to grasp that weight loss program alone can not aid you lose weight or reside healthy. Balance in weight loss program and exercise is utmost vital.
  • Supplements: Overweight may very well be the outcome of deficiency of sure vitamins . Addition of dietary supplements checking together with your nutritionist will help your weight loss journey together with the weight loss program.
  • Do not stress: Do not go overboard. Dieting is difficult! If you comply with a weight loss program a lot in order that, if discovered cheated you may find yourself feeling responsible. This results in undesirable stress. So, it is vital to take it lite and likewise take pleasure in what you want (or discover higher options).

Facts and myths are at all times heard and mentioned about. But the man who finds the cause and clarification behind it, makes the greatest of life.[8]


While now we have given 7 sorts of diets, allow us to additionally remind you that these are just some of the many fishes in the ocean of diets. At the finish, what is greatest for you is to be determined by none aside from your self.

Always bear in mind, a person is his personal greatest good friend and so is his adviser. Decide what is vital to you and focus on with the ones who know you. Patience is a key to dropping weight and basically to all of your issues.

At Possible, we give you FREE weight loss program session! If you will have any confusion on what kind of weight loss program most accurately fits or any sort of doubts and questions relating to diets for weight loss, we’re only one click on away. You have gotten us!


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