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8 Incredible Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

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Today, superfoods are gaining its significance far and huge as a consequence of its position in healthy eating. Everyday, a brand new superfood will get launched available in the market with an purpose to carry a healthy life-style. Chia seed is one of them.

Health advantages of chia seeds have been fairly well-known, centuries again. Today it’s regaining its significance and right here is why.


Chia seeds belong to the household Labiatae from the plant Salvia hispanica, associated to mint. Their reputation amongst all of the superfoods has elevated these days and we can not thank sufficient of that. Do not go together with its tiny measurement, these seeds can do wonders in your healthy life-style.

So, why is chia seeds common? In the traditional world, these tiny seeds have been used as power boosters.

Reason being that chia seed comprises healthy omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, calcium and antioxidants.

Chia seeds are 100% pure and complete grain with extraordinarily low calorie content material. They are naturally gluten free and a boon to all of the weight watchers. Chia seeds are black and white in coloration and nutty in taste. They could be simply included within the weight loss program by simply mixing chia seeds in water.

While the health advantages of chia seeds in weight loss is a most frequent query that we hear, let’s focus on much more fascinating information about these tiny seeds at present.

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Chia Seeds Nutritional Facts[1]


Amount (per 100g)


486 Kcal





Total Lipid


Dietary Fiber








8 Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

1. Chia seeds are fiber wealthy

Nearly half the weight of chia seeds is fiber. In truth your complete carbohydrate content material in chia seeds are fiber. This allows chia seeds to soak up water as a lot as their weight, forming a gel like construction across the seed. [2]

The fiber in chia seeds nourishes the pleasant micro organism in your gut. This retains your intestine flora full and healthy [3]. Due to its most fiber content material chia seeds are often known as one of the perfect sources of fiber on the planet.

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2. Chia seeds comprises high-antioxidant content material

Antioxidants are required by our our bodies to battle towards a number of oxidative damages created by free radicals. These antioxidants ought to be included in a weight loss program by way of totally different food sources.

Chia seeds are a possible supply of antioxidants. Hence they’re believed to affect cardiac, anti-aging results and hepatic protecting results. These properties have led to utilization of these pure seeds for higher health. [4] 

3. Chia seeds are low in calorie

Chia seeds are an entire grain food which might be naturally gluten free. An ounce of chia seeds comprises solely 101 energy which is surprisingly very low for a whole-grain. This makes it a finest different for normal grains, particularly for weight watchers.

4. Natural supply of Omega-3 fatty acid

Omega-3 fatty acids are unsaturated fat. They profit in defending your cardiovascular system. These fat are important in your physique nevertheless it can not produce them by itself. Hence it turns into essential to get it from food or dietary supplements. 

chia seeds in a bowl

Chia seeds could be your topmost choices for these fat. They are an awesome supply of Alpha-Linolenic Acid, extremely helpful for coronary heart health. These seeds could be simply added in your day by day weight loss program. [5]

5. Chia seeds is helpful in weight loss

Many nutritionists at present suggest addition of chia seeds as an weight problems management measure. Due to its excessive fiber content material, addition of these seeds within the weight loss program could make you’re feeling fuller for longer. This will forestall you from overeating.

As talked about earlier, chia seeds are low in energy, this might be helpful in your diets as a substitute for different complete grains. However, there may be little or no proof on the impact of chia seeds on weight loss.

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6. Benefits in sustaining coronary heart health

The excessive content material of omega-3 fatty acids in chia seeds promotes the increase of HDL ldl cholesterol. This prevents the dangers of coronary heart assault and stroke.

The richness of chia seeds in fiber and protein additionally helps in defending from the dangers of coronary heart illnesses. 

7. Increases bone strength

The unusually excessive content material of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber in chia seeds comes with quite a few health advantages. Consistently consuming chia seeds for a long run has introduced enchancment of health in lots of people. 

Some research have proven that long run consumption of chia seeds has helped in managing physique weight and composition. It has had its impact over the musculoskeletal system as effectively. [6]

8. Reduces blood sugar ranges

Chia seeds are recognized to consist of potential elements that could be of nice assist for diabetes sufferers. These tiny seeds with richness of fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, are concerned in lowering the LDL ldl cholesterol and likewise increase in HDL ldl cholesterol.

Practically, it’s not confirmed that chia seeds alone could be simpler in treating diabetic sufferers. But, with health advantages of such a restrict, it’s undoubtedly efficient in phrases of stopping life-style issues like diabetes.[7]

Can Chia Seeds Help You Lose Weight?

As per the chia seeds efficiency over our physique, they bulge up right into a jelly-like in your abdomen after consuming them. This makes you’re feeling fuller and also you eat much less. Ultimately helps lose weight. 

But consuming chia seeds at a most quantity shouldn’t be actually a proper method. Because chia seeds weight loss advantages are usually not evident. It positive is nutritious and serves you effectively in phrases of health enhancements. And possibly somewhat impact over your weight. 

Chia seeds weight loss advantages are but to be confirmed with information and experiments. It is critical to keep in mind that weight loss is a end result of each exercise and healthy weight loss program. Chia seeds are an element of it and never the one issue.

Addition of chia seeds in day by day weight loss program has proven appreciable enchancment in health. But it’s to be consumed in management, particularly for those who might have food allergy symptoms or hypertension. We suggest you to test together with your physician or nutritionists earlier than including chia seeds in your weight loss program.

Difference Between Chia Seeds And Sabja Seeds

Chia seeds and sabja seeds look alike and it is not uncommon to be confused as the identical. Both these seeds have a number of health advantages and likewise comprise medicinal properties.  But what’s the distinction between them? You would possibly surprise. So right here it’s.

Difference Between Chia Seeds & Sabja Seeds

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Chia seeds are oval in form with a coloration combine of black and white. Sabja seeds are like tiny grass rice. When you place sabja seeds in water, they swell up in seconds. But chia seeds should be soaked in water for someday to bulge up. 

When it involves taste, Sabja seeds have this delicate taste of basil leaves. This could be sensed even within the drinks or desserts the place these seeds are utilized.

Chia seeds alternatively is tasteless and has no taste in it. They could be included in any form of dishes and you will note no distinction.

Nutritional information of each these seeds are extraordinarily helpful. But as per a number of researches, chia seeds tops as higher than sabja.

Chia seeds comprise excessive quantities of antioxidants, proteins, a number of nutritional vitamins and minerals.  Sabja seeds are majorly recognized for its iron content material.[8]

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How Can You Use Chia Seeds

1. Add it in your consuming water

Nothing massive or time consuming. Add 1 tsp of chia seeds in sizzling water and depart it for 5-10 minutes. Have this drink within the morning or evening earlier than you sleep. Serves you proper!

You can even add natural spices like turmeric or cinnamon powder into this water. 

2. Add it in your morning smoothie

Again, chia seeds goes with all, particularly as a result of of its flavorless property. Sprinkle 1-2 tsp of chia seeds over your breakfast smoothie and you might be good to go. This fills you up for an extended interval of time.

3. Add it to your fruit juice

You can even add these chia seeds into your fruit juice. 

4. Chia seed pudding


  • Milk – 1 or 2 cups
  • Chia seeds – 3-4tsp
  • Sweetener (Sugar or Jaggery or honey)

chia seeds pudding for weight loss


  • Take 1-2 cups of milk in a jar or a big cup. Add 3-4 tsp of chia seeds (Take as per your alternative for the consistency you want).
  • Mix it effectively till there aren’t any clumps in between. Add honey or any sweetener of your alternative. Mix it effectively.
  • Close the jar and hold it within the fridge for 2 hours. You can have this as a dessert. 


Certainly take pleasure in these chia seeds for his or her health advantages and its content material of fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3’s in your weight loss program. Expecting a giant weight loss could disappoint you. Because it might not carry out its magic in all of them. 

Unfortunately or possibly luckily, weight loss requires much more effort and perseverance from each of us. A correct weight loss program, a daily exercise and a dietician/nutritionist to information you, a finest strategy to lose weight.

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1. Is it OK to eat chia seeds day by day?

A. Yes! Definitely! Chia seeds are extremely nutritious. They comprise a number of health advantages, particularly in sustaining a healthy life-style. 

But an excessive amount of of something is toxic. Hence it is very important have limits in its consumption. Otherwise, chia seeds uncomfortable side effects would possibly hang-out you. 

To start with, add 1-2 tsp of chia seeds in your day by day weight loss program. Once your physique will get acquainted with it, enhance your consumption.

2. How a lot chia seeds ought to I eat to lose weight?

A. If you might be consuming it for the primary time, then start with 1- 2 tsp in your day by day weight loss program. Once your physique will get acquainted with it, enhance your consumption.

3. How lengthy do you have to soak chia seeds?

A. Chia seeds could be consumed by simply including it in your consuming water. Soak it in a cup of water (Hot or Cold) for 10-20 minutes. The seeds bulge up, forming a gel construction round it. These soaked seeds could be stored within the fridge for practically every week.

4. Can chia seeds scale back stomach fats?

A. Consistent consumption of chia seeds for a long run has proven vital enchancment in sustaining physique weight. These seeds are wealthy in protein and fiber content material. Hence they assist in lowering urge for food and also you eat much less. Ultimately you are likely to lose your stomach fats.


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