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What is Kombucha? Health Benefits and More

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Magazine articles and social media posts have been sharing tales a couple of fashionable drink with an odd title that is touted to enhance your health and even enable you lose weight. Kombucha is one of many hottest food traits of current years and it’s now exhibiting up on grocery retailer cabinets and promoting by the gallon. To enable you determine if it’s best for you, we put collectively this fast information to the whole lot it’s worthwhile to learn about it.

1. How do you say it?

a mason jar filled with orange kombucha on a black table

According to the Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage, the precise origins of the drink usually are not clear.1 Experts even have completely different explanations on the supply of the title. In the U.S., it is mostly pronounced as “come-BOO-cha.” It is typically known as “mushroom tea,” although it doesn’t comprise mushrooms.2

2. What is kombucha?

several bottles of different flavor kombucha bottles on a silver tray

The fast reply is fermented tea. According to Medical News Today, “Kombucha is a sweet, fizzy drink made from bacteria, yeast, sugar, and tea. It is usually a yellow-orange color and has a slightly sour taste.” It is made by combining tea with “SCOBY” (a symbiotic tradition of micro organism and yeast). The beverage ferments because the yeast breaks down the sugar inside the tea. This creates a carbonated beverage with probiotic micro organism.

The common kombucha purchased on the retailer comprises a small quantity of alcohol, says Healthline. However, the alcohol content material is so low (lower than 0.5 %) that you just aren’t prone to discover it—which is why the drink isn’t regulated the way in which beer, wine and liquor are. The beverage additionally comprises probiotics, that are the supply of kombucha’s popularity as a healthy beverage. 4

While it’s doable to make kombucha at dwelling, it typically isn’t advisable. Serious health points can happen if the beverage is contaminated or over-fermented. “Improperly prepared kombucha may have adverse health effects. A safer option is to buy bottled kombucha at the store,” says Healthline. 4

3. What does it style like?

a glass of kombucha with ice and mint on a wooden table

The taste of primary kombucha is tart, a little bit tangy and a bit candy with a touch of earthiness. You may additionally style a little bit vinegar. It has bubbles so the style “pops” in your mouth like while you drink soda or seltzer. Many brewers as we speak bump up the style with different flavorings, together with fruits comparable to lemon or berries, and herbs like ginger and hibiscus. Some producers are additionally including extra sugar after the fermentation to sweeten the style.

4. Why has it turn into so fashionable?

three bottles of different flavor kombucha on a marble surface

Kombucha has caught on with health-minded individuals within the final 5 years or so due to its sturdy inhabitants of microbes, making it a “probiotic” food. Research has revealed that our immune and digestive methods rely upon microorganisms in our intestine to operate correctly.5 Probiotic meals, which embrace different fermented gadgets comparable to yogurt and sauerkraut, assist replenish these healthy microbes and hold them energetic.6 The enthusiasm for kombucha has attracted the attention of main beverage manufacturers that now are advertising their very own variations in grocery shops.

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5. What are the health advantages of kombucha?

a tall glass of kombucha with ice

Advocates for kombucha, together with most of the manufacturers promoting it, declare that ingesting it may possibly forestall and handle sure health points like blood strain and most cancers. “These claims are not backed by science,” says specialists at Mayo Clinic. “Limited evidence suggests kombucha tea may offer benefits similar to probiotic supplements, including promoting a healthy immune system and preventing constipation. At present, however, valid medical studies of kombucha tea’s role in human health are very limited — and there are risks to consider.”2

Be conscious that no credible analysis has straight linked kombucha consumption with any health end result in individuals. However, there is some oblique proof that ingesting kombucha can have health advantages for you. To start, black and inexperienced tea (main elements in kombucha) each comprise polyphenols, compounds which have a protecting impact in your health, in response to a analysis report, revealed within the journal Frontiers of Nutrition.7

Fermenting tea additionally dramatically will increase the quantity and number of microorganisms it comprises. Two research, revealed within the journal Nature, discovered that folks with a various inhabitants of microbes of their our bodies are much less prone to turn into overweight.8,9

6. What are potential dangers of ingesting it?

a close up of several bottled kombucha flavors

According to Cleveland Clinic, kombucha ought to be enjoyed moderately. They cite the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), stating that 4 ounces of kombucha can safely be consumed one to 3 occasions a day. They additionally notice that almost all bottles you should buy on the retailer exceed this 12-ounce restrict and present round 16 ounces.10

Drinking an excessive amount of kombucha could trigger unwanted effects, says Healthline. Because it’s carbonated and usually comprises added sugar, it may possibly result in bloating, digestive points and consuming too many energy.11 Those with delicate stomachs ought to attempt it cautiously to make sure it doesn’t trigger indigestion. If you may have any health points or a power digestive situation, comparable to irritable bowel syndrome, you must examine along with your healthcare supplier earlier than ingesting it

Kombucha will also be harmful for sure individuals, so all the time communicate to your physician earlier than you start ingesting it. Healthline explains that it is an unpasteurized drink and comprises small quantities of caffeine and alcohol, so you must keep away from ingesting kombucha in case you have a compromised/weak immune system or in case you are pregnant or breastfeeding.11

Check dietary labels on bottled kombucha rigorously and avoid these manufacturers which have added sweeteners, which might lead you to devour further energy with no dietary worth. You may additionally discover kombucha at espresso outlets, health food shops and farmers markets. Be positive that anybody you purchase it from has expertise making it and a clear course of earlier than you pattern their product.

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